B Beauty’s Sheet Face Masks Lovely Your Skin

An inexpensive in-home treatment that leaves you feeling like you’ve just had a luxury facial. Sheet Face Masks are the latest trend to take the beauty industry by storm!

First made popular in Asian countries, including Japan and Korea, where they are now considered beauty staples, Sheet Face Masks can be included as part of your skincare regime, for best results use at least once a week for skin that looks brighter and feels smoother in an instant, especially during the winter when skin requires an extra boost!

Sheet Face Mask
Sheet Face Masks: The Latest Beauty Trend

Sheet Face Masks are a celebrity favourite, as seen on Demi Moore, Karlie Kloss, Diane Kruger and January Jones, to name a few. This is also a trend that men are embracing, with both James Franco and Chris Pratt having shared selfies on social media adorning their masks. Perfect for pamper sessions and girly nights in, Sheet Face Masks can be great fun and are guaranteed to have you laughing when you catch sight of yourself!

Sheet Face Mask Celebrities
Sheet Face Mask Wearing Celebrities: Diane Kruger, Chris Pratt and January Jones

Founded in 2015 by friends Lisa and Madoka, B Beauty have introduced cotton sheet face masks here in the UK. Infused with powerful natural and organic ingredients, masks are free from preservatives including alcohol and parabens, and are never tested on animals.

B Beauty’s Sheet Face Masks will give you instant results and leave your skin feeling incredibly soft and velvety. Unlike creamy, oily or peel off face masks that come in tubes and jars, B Beauty’s Sheet Face Masks are so convenient and easy to use, with absolutely no mess or fuss, and just the right amount of product applied to the cotton, so there is no waste or over application, just healthy-looking, flawless and of course beautiful skin.

B Beauty Argan Oil and Pearl Facial Essence Sheet Masks

B Beauty’s single-use Cotton Sheet Face Masks have been designed to conform to the contours of your face. To use simply remove from the packaging and place over your clean, dry face, lightly press on and leave, while you put your feet up and relax! After the recommended amount of time simply remove and dispose of the mask, there is no need to rinse, it couldn’t be more simple!

B Beauty have every skin type covered with their fabulous range of face masks. For anti-ageing try the Wine Essence Sheet Mask and Avocado Seed Facial Essence Mask.

B Beauty’s Lavender Spa, Coconut Oil and Avocado Seed Natural Sheet Face Masks

For oily skin, prone to breakouts should try the Cucumber Essence Sheet Face Mask, as cucumber is a natural remedy for dealing with unsightly blemishes and blocked pores. To sooth and relax tired skin, try the Jojoba Oil Facial Essence Mask and Lavender Spa Facial Essence Mask, the natural oils are so calming, perfect for use just before bedtime.

To boost skins elasticity, try the Coconut Oil Facial Essence Mask and Snail Essence Mask. For combating dry skin, the Argan Oil Facial Essence Mask and Ceramide Essence Mask contain ingredients proven to help those suffering from conditions such as eczema.

Diamond Essence Sheet Face Mask
Diamond Facial Essence Mask

Our absolute favourites from the B Beauty Sheet Face Mask Collection are the luxurious Pearl Essence Sheet Mask made using freshwater pearl extract and the Diamond Facial Essence Mask which includes real diamond powder for vibrancy and will leave your skin positively glowing and luminous, so that you can shine bright like a diamond!

B Beauty’s Sheet Face Masks would make a great gift and are the perfect pick-me-up for anyone who loves high quality skincare products. B Beauty Sheet Face Masks are suitable for all skin types, come individually packaged and are priced at just £2.49 each. To view the full range and shop online, Visit: bbeautylimited.com

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