Odd Radish; The Modern Screen-Printed Brand Every Cool Parent Loves

Odd Radish is effortlessly cool. Its screen printed designs are simple, modern and fun to wear, ranging from hot air balloon sketches to clever sayings in font so beautiful it’s hard to resist buying on the spot. Seemingly appearing out of thin air, Odd Radish has become the trendy brand that parents are lining up for, both for their children and for themselves.

Odd Radish Baby Science Rocks Onesie

Baby Science Rocks! Onesie

So, just where exactly did Odd Radish come from? Isabella Murray, the founder of the label, has an idea. Having initially created Odd Radish to “serve as a creative outlet” for her mind and spirit, designing and printing clothes came as a natural progression after she discovered an interest in photography and editing.

After leaving her pursuit of a Nursing Degree in order to be a stay-at-home parent for her daughter, Kokko, Isabella’s husband, a sailor, was sent to work at sea for two months as a merchant mariner. During this time, she began documenting her daily activities with her daughter, editing her favourite shots before sending to her at-sea husband.

Odd Radish Family First TShirt

Kids Family First T-Shirt

This process re-ignited Isabella’s creative side and she soon “fell in love with the idea of putting her own images onto clothing.” Determined to learn how to screen print, she started researching the process and teaching herself. After a year of study and a second child, Isabella began producing the results she wanted to see. “I am a stubborn person,” she says, “so I was determined to learn screen printing no matter what!”

Odd Radish Prickly Friends Onesie

Prickly Friends Onesie

Although learning screen printing didn’t immediately result in Odd Radish, today it is the creative force behind the super hip collections, which range from baby and kids clothes, to items for parents and homes. Every item is hand-printed with care and attention on organic materials, which is just one of the reasons so many parents are loyal to the brand. That personal, human touch is tangible in every Odd Radish item, and that’s something that can’t be manufactured by big brands. Plus it feels good to support a family business.

Womens Moby TShirt Odd Radish

Women Moby T-Shirt

“My designs are primarily inspired by things I enjoyed as a child,” says Isabella when asked about her unique prints. “I look back at my childhood and think about my primary interests, such as reading, nature, animals, and space travel,” all of which are themes that can be found in Odd Radish’s popular collections. Endlessly inspired by childhood, as well as her own two children, the end result is clothing that can be worn comfortably and easily. (After all, that’s what the brand’s reputation for being effortlessly cool is all about.)

Wolf Like Me Onesie Odd Radish

Wolf Like Me Onesie

The brand’s onesies for babies are hand-printed with environmentally friendly inks in Odd Radish’s Oakland, California loft. Each is made from 100% organic cotton for a super soft touch that’s comfortable for baby, too. Check out the Baby Science Rocks, Prickly Friends, and Wolf Like Me designs – all of which are great for baby boys and girls.

Papa Bee TShirt Odd Radish

Papa Bee T-Shirt

Toddlers will love the designs, too, with each T-shirt printed on certified organic material that is beyond soft and comfortable, keeping up with all of their backyard adventures. The Kids Mushrooms and Family First designs are approved by everyone. Thankfully, parents don’t have to miss out on the fun. Mums, the vintage-inspired Moby T-shirt is definitely calling your name. Dads, you can score major cool points with the Papa Bee T-shirt.

Odd Radish Kids Mushrooms T Shirt

Kids Mushrooms T-Shirt

Falling more and more in love with Odd Radish? So are we. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter as the much anticipated expansion of their home products is set to happen (very) soon. For more information and to shop online, visit: oddradishstudios.comOdd Radish Logo

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