10 Stylish Scatter Cushions for the Home Furnishing Obsessive

What is it about our obsession with cushions? An unexpected visitor or impending arrival of guests has us neatly ordering, stacking, coordinating and plumping our selection of different shape, size and coloured scatters. We will attempt to justify our purchases of yet more home furnishings to our other halves with phrases such as ‘you can never have enough’, ‘they make the room so much more homely’ and ‘they add colour and change the look of the room’, whilst all of these are plausible, the truth is cushions are simply fabulous, aesthetically pleasing, decorative, bright, colourful and thats why we love to fill our home with them! Here are some of our favourites, go on you know you want to!….

Jack Cushion
1. Iosis £69.80

Cushion, Prieska, Cotton, Dark purple, 45×45 cm
2. Urbanara £25.00

Marrakech Cushion
3. Alexandra D Foster £195.00

4. India Jane £69.00

Coat of Arms Cushion – Amethyst
5. LuxDeco £85.00

Acanthus Medallion Cushion
6. Aztaro £100.00

Neoclassical Game Gold & Black Silk Cushion
7. Versace Home £269.00

Cushion, Akasia, Cotton, Black, 45×45 cm
8. Urbanara £35.00

Faux Siberian Wolf Cushion
9. Helen Moore £55.00

Edmond French Bulldog Cushion
10. Iosis £68.50


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