A Closer Look at ZAHEDA®, Luxury Skincare From The Laser Treatment Clinic London

Anyone who knows anything about laser treatment and luxury skincare will know about the brand ZAHEDA®. And, if you’re still in the dark, it’s time to (laser) point out exactly why this British skincare company is quickly transitioning from cult favourite to global phenomenon. Recognised for its expertise in completely transforming skin from its Harley Street location in London, the Laser Treatment Clinic is a phenomenon that stands on its own two legs. Of course, when you have two incredible legs, why not run?

ZAHEDA Skincare London Gift Set

ZAHEDA® Skincare

And that’s exactly what the award-winning clinic did by creating ZAHEDA® Skincare, its own line of effective skincare (the same ones used in the London clinic), people from all over the world can now get their hands on products that have a reputation for really (really) working. Named after the founder of the Laser Treatment Clinic, Zaheda Hafez-Patel, ZAHEDA®’s everyday, high-end skincare products aren’t overhyped when they advertise that they will change your life; every woman knows just how life-changing it is to finally feel confident in your own skin.

Harley Street Skincare Products London

Science-led Formulations

Capable of making any skincare routine more effective, ZAHEDA® products really do work wonders, especially when they are used together. Made entirely in the UK, each ZAHEDA® product is crafted using science-led, expert-driven formulas. And, with the addition of powerful marine and botanical actives and essential oils, they are enjoyable to use from start to (beautiful) finish.

Ultra Smooth Sea Polish Exfoliator

Luxury Skincare Routine

Want to see what all the fuss is about for yourself? Add the five ZAHEDA® products below to your skincare routine and the results will speak for themselves.

ZAHEDA Skincare London Deep Sea Gentle Cleanser

ZAHEDA® Deep Sea Cleanse | £26.00 (200ml)

The Cleanser – The ZAHEDA® Deep Sea Cleanse is a super nourishing and hydrating facial cleanser that will leave your skin so incredibly soft that you’ll quickly wonder how you ever got by without it.ZAHEDA Skincare London Ocean Tone Face Toner Rose Water

ZAHEDA® Ocean Tone | £26.00 (200ml)

The Toner – ZAHEDA® Ocean Tone uses purifying and refreshing rose water to balance your skin without disrupting its equilibrium. An essential for anyone with sensitive or acne-prone skin, this toner will refresh and revitalise your skin both day and night.

ZAHEDA Skincare London Marine Fluid Shine Free Pure Skin Balancing Moisturiser

ZAHEDA® Marine Fluid Shine Free | £42.00 (50ml)

The Moisturiser – The skin-balancing ZAHEDA® Marine Fluid Shine Free Moisturiser is ideal for oily and acne-prone skin. Its innovative formula allows the serum to be ultra-light, calming your skin without adding any excess oil.

ZAHEDA Skincare London Marine Boost Super Serum Rich Replenishing Night Cream

ZAHEDA® Marine Boost Super Serum | £42.00 (50ml)

The Booster – Designed as a night cream, the ZAHEDA® Marine Boost Super Serum uses a super-rich and replenishing formula to hydrate your skin while you sleep. An anti-ageing breakthrough, this booster gives your skin a supple, youthful look thanks to its skin-plumping capabilities.

ZAHEDA Skincare London Sea Collagen Marine Body Serum Smoothing Firming Body Cream

ZAHEDA® Sea Collagen Marine Body Serum | £52.00 (200ml)

The Body – The super smoothing ZAHEDA® Sea Collagen Marine Body Serum firms your skin from head to toe. Because the formula can be deeply absorbed by your skin, the cream delivers incredible softness and smoothness for truly youthful-looking skin.

Natural Ingredients

Each product is clinically tested, but one look at the brand’s rave reviews will make you a believer. And, even better, the brand is committed to never using synthetic perfumes, colours, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or silicone – and they never test on animals.

ZAHEDA Skincare London Luxury Harley Street Skincare Products


For more information, the full ZAHEDA® Skincare Collection can be found on the Laser Treatment Clinic Website and the products are also available to purchase on Amazon.

ZAHEDA Skincare London


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