Alfie & Lu Pet Boutique, Luxury Beds And Handmade Accessories Your Dog Will Really Want

Luxury Dog Bed

There’s a notable difference between pet businesses and businesses for pets. The former seem to focus their attention on what will sell, scrutinising the buying patterns of pet owners, and developing products that will have ‘guaranteed success’. The latter, on the other hand, is focused primarily on pets – what do they actually want and need?

A risky move, perhaps, considering that pets typically don’t carry cash, but, by infusing their products with passion and love for the animals we let into our homes, owners are quickly learning to sniff out the difference. And, as such, small businesses determined to give your pet the very best of the best are finding new customers that are more loyal than ever. Case in point: Alfie & Lu Pet Boutique.

Luxury Dog Blankets

A family-run business based in the North East of England, Alfie & Lu began as a hobby when founder Kate started selling pet products on Etsy and eBay. As demand grew, Kate decided that it was finally time to create a dedicated brand and website.

Fuelled by Kate’s love for dogs, creativity, and passion for design, Alfie & Lu is now grabbing attention from pet parents from around the world. And, with a recent feature in Tatler Magazine, the number of pups receiving gifts from Alfie & Lu grows each day.

Deep Filled Luxury Dog Bed

Alfie & Lu Pet Boutique

Comfortable, practical, stylish, and wonderfully luxurious, Alfie & Lu features an easy-to-digest collection of dog beds and blankets, as well as handmade leads and bandanas. Far from mass-produced, each product is “scrutinised to the very last stitch” by Kate and her “partner in crime, and chief product tester” Alfie, the black labrador.

Deep Filled Luxury Dog Bed Lounger
The Lounger Bed

Luxury Dog Beds

Kate’s (and Alfie’s) personal favourite, the Lounger Bed, was actually designed with Alfie in mind, because, as Kate explains, “he likes to rest his head on the side and watch everything that is going on.” Comfortable for dogs of all shapes and sizes, the Lounger Bed is hand-stuffed by Kate herself.

Luxury Cosy Cave Dog Bed
Luxury Cosy Cave Bed

Another dog bed sure to be added to your pup’s wish list, the Luxury Cosy Cave Bed. Designed to keep your dog comfortable and warm, especially during the colder months, the bed mimics a den, making it the ideal choice for dogs who love to “snuggle and nest under duvets and blankets”.

Luxury Dog Blankets

And no dog bed would be complete without a matching dog blanket. Far from the typical dog blankets, you’ll find in stores, Alfie & Lu’s Luxury Dog Blankets feature upholstery-grade material on one side and soft faux fur on the other, instantly creating a luxurious environment that will leave even the most adored pets feeling absolutely spoiled. In addition to using the blankets on their dog’s beds, savvy pet owners also appreciate their ability to cover sofas without detracting from the overall look and feel of their home.

Luxury Faux Fur Beige Grey Dog Blanket
Luxury Dog Blanket

Handmade Dog Leads

You and your pet will also love the selection of Handmade Dog Leads and Handmade Dog Bandanas available at Alfie & Lu. The Dog Bandanas, which come in three sizes and feature fun prints, are a perfect way to keep your dog photo-ready. The beautiful Handmade Dog Leads are crafted in Kate’s studio, from non-toxic, super-strong PPM cords, and will ensure that you and your pup look and feel great when you’re out and about.

PPM Cord Rope Dog Lead Purple
Purplicious Rope Lead

So, what’s next for this amazing brand? Preparing to launch a new collection of Handmade Genuine Vegetable Leather Dog Collars and Leads, Alfie & Lu is clearly just getting started. And, whether your dog wants to hear the news or not, there are also plans to expand the range to suit cats as well, which is great news for all of you feline fiends out there. Stay tuned! For more information and to shop online, visit:

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