Ancient Traditions, Modern Beauty Rituals: The Magic of Wellness Brand H2a Botanicals

H2a Botanicals Skincare Wellness Brand

The words “tradition” and “innovation” seem to almost always be in a state of constant war with one another, each attracting its own camp of staunch supporters. There are, of course, those who seek to find a middle ground, asking “How can traditions be honoured whilst still making room for innovation, advancement, and forward-thinking?”

H2a Botanicals Skincare Beauty Rituals and Wellness

Sierra and Heather Goldstein are just those people. The co-founders of H2a Botanicals (and an incredible mother-daughter duo), Sierra and Heather are dedicated to creating beauty products using the wisdom of ancient traditions, without losing sight of the needs of the modern women they craft them for. Guided by herbs, botanicals, and the expert knowledge of herbalists (who Sierra has studied with intensively), H2a Botanicals is a functional beauty brand that understands the power of love, gratitude, and authenticity.

H2a Botanicals Herbs Wellbeing Skincare

Working on the mind, body, and spirit, the H2a Botanicals Skincare Collection is more than just a revolution in beauty products; it’s an intimate way to create a connection with Mother Earth every day, tapping into her healing qualities and listening intently to the wisdom she shares. Pure and sustainable are only the beginning of describing the amazing qualities of the natural ingredients used by H2a Botanicals. Try just one of their fabulous products and words like “magic” and “healing” are sure to be rolling off your tongue.

The H2a Botanicals Skin Care Collection

Although every product in the H2a Botanicals skincare line up deserves a spot on your beauty shelf, the Emerald Charged Serum is one that falls into the “must-have” category. Formulated with plant-derived squalane, this super serum rebuilds your skin’s lipids, supporting healthy collagen levels. Whilst other botanical ingredients work on improving circulation, which results in an incredible glow that will leave you quite simply addicted.Emerald Charged Facial Serum H2a Botanicals

Emerald Charged Facial Serum

H2a Botanical’s Face & Body Elixir is equally addictive. Instant spa-like aromatherapy, the elixirs’ calendula infusion repairs and soothes dull skin. Available in energising citrus or calming lavender. And, because you can use it effectively on both your face and body, having a bottle (or two) to hand will become a necessary part of your daily beauty ritual.

And, for easy on-the-go skin hydration, H2a Botanical’s Drench Sticks with rich butters and essential oils are an awesome solution, giving you the convenience of a lotion with none of the mess (and none of those nasty chemical ingredients we’re all trying to avoid).Heal Stick H2a Botanicals

Heal Stick

And, if you’re looking for a truly powerful skincare product, then Heal Stick is your answer. Crafted from ancient herbal recipes, the infusions used in this product provide instant relief from inflammation, irritation, and infection. Touted for being deeply nourishing, this stick is so brilliant that you can use it on any part of the body, even closed skin injuries. Perfect for dealing with those annoying new shoes or summer sandal rubs!Warrior Oil H2a Botanicals

Warrior Oil

And finally, another standout H2a Botanicals creation you need on hand, Warrior Oil reduces bruising, aches, and pains, making it the ideal natural product for active lifestyles. Even better, for each Warrior Oil purchased, H2a Botanicals donates 10% of its proceeds to organisations protecting our planet and our most precious natural resource: water.

Founders of H2a Botanicals Sierra and Heather

Exclusive Interview with Sierra and Heather Goldstein – The Founders of H2a Botanicals

A15: What Did You Do Before You Started the Business Together?

Heather: Sierra was just 16 when we embarked on starting the company together but had always had an interest in natural health and beauty. She began formulating her own skincare products in our home kitchen, before finding a local herbalist who had been formulating skin care products for over 30 years and interning under her in order to deepen her understanding of formulation and infusion processes. She has since continued to further her education to become certified in Natural Products Manufacturing and Herbalism. 

Whilst I spent many years running my own successful design firm before realising that it was not fulfilling the human connection and betterment of wellness that I was craving. When Sierra decided that she wanted to embark on this business adventure, I stepped in as a means of support and to be the outreach partner for H2a Botanicals.

A15: Tell Us a Little More about How and Your Skincare Products Are Made?

Sierra: At H2a Botanicals we focus on the process of infusion to make all of our skincare products. Infusing herbs, botanicals, and gems has been an integral part of beauty rituals for centuries. Rather than only using the essences of these incredibly powerful healing modalities, we extract the healing constituents of each ingredient fully, providing powerful and effective products that work with the body’s natural healing systems. This idea of Functional Beauty is the driving force behind each and every one of our products.

A15: Which Is Your Own Personal Favourite H2a Botanicals Product?

Heather: Both Sierra and I cannot live without our Rosehip & Saffron Facial Serum. It is an infusion combination of powerful healing herbs to reduce ageing and provide your skin with the nutrients needed to regenerate and glow. On top of all of that, we charge it with Emeralds to incorporate the medicinal properties of the gem into the serum as well.

A15: What Makes H2a Botanicals Unique in the Beauty Industry?

Sierra: We handcraft every single one of our products. Rather than having a lab cultivate it, we make sure that our hands are the only ones crafting everything that goes into our bottles, never sacrificing time or volume for the quality of the product we provide our customers.

A15: Who Are H2a Botanicals’ Customers?

Heather: Anyone who is embarking on the journey to find their optimal wellness is someone that we believe is a part of our brand. Functional Beauty means that we take a holistic approach to skincare. We want everyone to look and feel their best by going back to the roots of ancient beauty rituals and infusing those practices into the modern lifestyle we live in.

A15: What’s Next for H2a Botanicals?

Sierra: We plan on continuing to grow our product range and open up our own spas to provide a unique and centering experience for all who are on the Functional Beauty journey. We will also continue to handcraft our products with Love, Gratitude, and Authenticity.

H2a Botanicals Teas and Tinctures

H2a Botanicals Teas & Tinctures

In addition to their skincare collection, H2a Botanicals is also in the process of launching a line of much-anticipated teas and tinctures, all of which are designed with the same guiding principles of honoring ancient traditions while innovating products for modern life. For more information on H2a Botanicals and to shop online, visit:

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