Award-Winning Chocolate, Saint Lucian Vibes and Botanical Beauty: Meet Rabot 1745

In 1745, the Rabot Estate began farming cocoa, providing jobs to local people and future generations. Over 250 years later, the Rabot Estate is still operating, but it hasn’t always been easy. With the temptation of bananas and tourism ripe for Saint Lucian locals, fewer were wanting to stake their interest in the less than certain cocoa industry, leaving generational-based businesses like Rabot Estate struggling to get by.

Rabot Estate Saint Lucia Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat

Thankfully, in 2015, Hotel Chocolat entered the scene. Committed to revolutionising how Britain and the world do chocolate, Hotel Chocolat did more than just disrupt the “traditional cocoa farming model”; they challenged the status quo while reviving Saint Lucia’s potential-packed cocoa industry. Ethically produced and of exceptionally high quality, the chocolate from Hotel Chocolat is award-winning and for good reason.

RABOT 1745 Beauty Products Cocoa

Botanical Beauty

But the story doesn’t end there. Understanding the power of sustainably farmed cocoa, Hotel Chocolat, in conjunction with the 140-acre Rabot Estate, has put its power and ingenuity behind something perhaps a bit surprising to some: a botanical beauty range.

Saint Lucia Beauty Gifts Hotel Chocolat

RABOT 1745

Rabot 1745 was created with inspiration from a “love for Saint Lucia, the people and the plants that flourish there”. Using the Rabot Estate’s sixteen distinct areas to their full advantage, the chocolate produced for all of Rabot 1745’s products is grown in “rich and fertile volcanic soil”, which is made even better by high altitude and rainforest water.

Beauty Natural Lip Balms

Leveraging the power of the beauty world to help Saint Lucia’s cocoa industry once again thrive, Rabot 1745 is the new cool kid at beauty school – and she’s got a compassionate heart to boot.

Botanical Cacao Beauty Products

Body Scrubs

The Rabot 1745 Body Scrubs are the ideal treat or gift. A perfect example of thoughtful packaging, each naturally exfoliating body scrub comes in a reusable coffee cup.

Natural Body Scrubs Exfoliator

Eco-friendly and with the added bonus of 50p off for customers at any Hotel Chocolat cafe when the cup is reused. The Rabot 1745 Body Scrubs are available in three unique varieties: Coffee, Sugar & Sour Orange, and Salt & Lemongrass. Never has island temptation felt (or smelled) so good.

Natural Exfoliating Body Scrub

Luxury Gift Sets

Luxurious, effective, and brilliantly packaged, Rabot 1745 products are just begging to be given as gifts – to yourself or some other lucky person on your to-buy-for list. From natural body butters and body scrubs to heavenly fragranced candles and deliciously nourishing lip balms, there’s something for everyone.

Spa Nights Gift Set Cacao Vanilla Candle Body Butter Body Scrub

One of the most popular products in the Rabot 1745 lineup, the Spa Night Gift Set gives you all of the beauty tools you need to completely rejuvenate yourself. The gift set includes a cacao & vanilla scented candle that, once lit, gives off a “woody base of musk, cedarwood and amber” to effectively soothe your body and mind.

Rabot 1745 Hotel Chocolat Three Shell Body Scrub Cacao, Almond & Coconut Natural Exfoliator

Once relaxed, you can get to work with the Three Shell Scrub, which is crafted from scoops of island shells from Saint Lucia – the perfect remedy for dull skin. And, before you’re ready for reentry back into your natural habitat, you can moisturise with an indulgent cacao & almond body butter. For more information and to shop the full collection of Rabot 1745 beauty products online, visit:

Rabot 1745 Beauty Collection

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