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When it comes to the everyday products you use on your skin, there’s no such thing as choosing products which are too natural or too safe. With more and more people becoming aware of the hidden dangers in many beauty products, including soaps, scrubs, and cleansers, the demand for natural products is skyrocketing. Of course, in most people’s minds, there’s a trade-off. Either choose safe, natural ingredients or choose effective ingredients. Thankfully, that choice is no longer an either-or situation.

Zamzam and Madina Rose Water Toner Beauty Water

L’Araboutique® (The Arabian Boutique)

L’Araboutique® (The Arabian Boutique), previously known as Azara Beautique, is a prime example of a company that understands the need to use quality, natural ingredients, but without sacrificing the ultimate end goal: to make you feel and look beautiful.

L'Araboutique Handmade Arabian Solid Soap Bars

From the heart of the Middle East, the founders of L’Araboutique® don’t just use natural ingredients – they use incredible ingredients. Ever wondered what it’s like to use a beauty or skincare product blended with rare and refined jewels from the Arab world? L’Araboutique® can offer you that experience, and so much more.

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Expertly Handmade With Pure Passion

Committed to working with, not against, nature, Middle Eastern history is robust with traditional secrets that range from medicinal to beautiful, many of which have been passed down from generation to generation. This familial lineage of recipes is at the heart of L’Araboutique®, which was founded by an incredible mother-daughter duo.

Handmade Natural Organic Soap Bars

Luxury Organic Skincare

Dr. Samira Zaidan was actually the first practicing female homeopath in Saudi Arabia and a proud member of the Homoeopathic Medical Association here in the UK. Having always admired her mother’s work, Mona Alyedreessy didn’t hesitate to go into business doing exactly what she had always seen her mother do: Harness the medicinal powers of herbs, plants, resins, and honey from native plants found in the Middle East.

Arabian Soap Gift Pouch

The Arabian Gift Pouch

Guided by her mother’s knowledge about the natural world, Mona heads up the branding and marketing of L’Araboutique®, the two women creating a well-rounded, albeit small, team – yin and yang. “We really believe in the power of our products,” says Mona, “as they were not only designed to cleanse, but to heal, treat, and nourish the body.”

Deluxe Handmade Soap Gift Box

The Deluxe 9 Soap Gift Box

Natural Soap Bars

L’Araboutique® initially launched with a collection of handcrafted solid soaps, all created using the finest extra virgin olive oils, purest raw herbs, and other natural ingredients available. Today, understanding the need for a more diverse range of products, L’Araboutique® is gearing up to launch several new products, including body lotions, face masks, hair creams, lip balms, and even organic teas. Blurring the line between the health and beauty market, L’Araboutique® is the future of natural wellness.

Natural Organic Sea Salt Soap Bar

Moringa and Arabian Sea Salt Soap

Each L’Araboutique® product represents a revival of Eastern traditions, allowing small, local businesses to thrive as the demand for their incredible artisan products increases. L’Araboutique® values this dedicated work and directly supports Middle Eastern community members. Even the product packaging is traditional, handmade by Arabian women who work in their homes to craft these exquisitely unique pieces.

Rose Cinnamon and Honey Organic Body Scrub

Madina Rose, Cinnamon, and Sidr Honey Body Scrub

Vegan Face Toner

And while every product will tempt you, one of the newest products launched just this week by L’Araboutique® is already being met with rave reviews. The Zamzam and Madina Rose Face Toner uses Zamzam mineral water, a powerful ingredient that can only be found in a deep well in Saudi Arabia’s holy city of Makkah. Zamzam and Madina Rose Face Toner Beauty Water

Zamzam and Madina Rose Face Toner

Antibacterial, alkaline, and germicidal, the Zamzam and Madina Rose Face Toner is an incredible vegan beauty water that is loaded with fluoride, giving it the ability to detoxify the face and body. The addition of the Madina rose petals provides incredible healing effects for the skin. When used regularly, this luxurious face toner will do more than just clean your pores – it will refresh and rejuvenate your skin so that you truly glow.

L'Araboutique The Deluxe Madina Rose Collection

The Deluxe Madina Rose Collection

The toner is best used after the cleansing routine and before bed,” says Mona, who also notes that “it really makes a huge difference to the skin due to the amount of nourishing, healing and hydrating minerals in the water.” As an added bonus, this magic toner can also remove non-oil based makeup, making it an all-in-one makeup bag must-have!

Coming Soon From L’Araboutique®

Once you get a taste of L’Araboutique®, you’ll want to stock your whole bathroom and dressing table with their products. Luckily, that will soon be possible. Be on the lookout for a new range of face masks and lip balms, both of which will be launched later this month. For more information and to shop the range online, visit:

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