Culturing Diamonds Above Ground: Lark & Berry The Conscientious Fine Jewellery Brand

Known as the #diamondisruptor, Lark & Berry is one of the coolest jewellery brands in the world – and they’re doing something that very few people know is possible. Designing stunning pieces of diamond jewellery that women can’t seem to get enough of (think gorgeous rings and pavé-set bracelets) Lark & Berry find their diamonds in an unexpected place – above ground and exactly where they need them to be. (And with zero conflict or concerns about sustainability either.)

Cultured Diamond Jewellery

Cultured Diamonds

Opting out of the standard diamond market, Lark & Berry has unlocked the potential of what is known as cultured diamonds. These diamonds, which are grown above ground in labs, actually contain the exact same composition as mined diamonds. Laura Chavez, the founder and brilliant mind behind the brand, came across cultured diamonds while finishing her MBA at London Business School. She says that when she discovered that “diamonds could be engineered above the Earth, with no mining and environmental harm done,” she knew immediately that this was going to be her brand.

Blue Diamond Drop Earrings and Necklace

Diamond Disrupters

Like most people, Laura didn’t know about the world of cultured diamonds until she began looking for it. But, as soon as she learned about the benefits of making jewellery with these types of stones –“It’s sustainable, conflict-free and fairly priced. We are not trapped by the mined diamond industries’ pricing monopolies”, she understood how big of a disruption this would be to the luxury jewellery industry – and she wanted in.

Yellow Sapphire Necklace

Behind The Brand

Katie Rowland, Lark & Berry’s Creative Director, recognised the potential in cultured diamonds that Laura saw. “Katie and I bonded with the shared interest of wanting to make really cool, luxury jewellery, and pricing it fairly,” says Laura. “But most crucially,” she goes on, “we both wanted a product that was sustainable…We both recognised cultured diamonds are the future of jewellery.”

Diamond Half Eternity Ring Yellow Gold

Fine Jewellery Collections

Three collections from Lark & Berry caught our eye, demonstrating not just the beauty of cultured diamonds, but also the creativity and ingenuity behind the brand. And show that Lark & Berry doesn’t just make conscious, eco-friendly, people-friendly jewellery with cultured diamonds; they make stunning jewellery that is playful, feminine and incredibly relevant in today’s global climate.

Pink Sapphire and Diamond Jewellery

The Halo Collection

The romantic Halo Collection highlights the brand’s thorough grasp on femininity, featuring hypnotising pink sapphires and cultured diamond halos. Whether encircling a sapphire on the dark halo sapphire ring or standing alone on the halo diamond stud earrings, the Halo Collection gives cultured diamonds an opportunity to shine.

Purple Sapphire Earrings Ring and Necklace Set

The Dune Collection

The Dune Collection, which is colourful and confident, uses fancy sapphire, bold blue spinel, amethyst, and brilliant flashes of cultured diamonds to create must-have pieces, including the Dune Diamond Band and show-stopping Purple Ellipse Stud Earrings.

Diamond Circle Pendant Necklace

The Veto Collection

Just as delicate but slightly more classical in feel, the Veto Collection uses exquisitely cut white sapphire marquise stones set in 14k yellow gold creating pieces that could easily pass for being handed down by a stylish and chic family matriarch. (The Veto Sapphire Mis-Match Stud Earrings and Veto Sapphire Necklace have to be our personal favourites.)

Changing the way people think about cultured diamonds depends a lot on education and creativity. When you understand the real impact mining for diamonds has on the planet, it becomes apparent that another option is needed. Conscious, kind and undeniably cool, Lark and Berry isn’t just a better option for buying diamonds – it’s a better option for buying jewellery, period. Find out more and shop online now:

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