Design Hints on How to Transform Your Home with a Statement Mirror

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Bare walls are boring. Fact. So why not decorate your wall with a stylish feature mirror? A well-placed statement mirror can completely transform your home as if by magic reflecting light around the room and giving the impression of extra space. We have included our top design tips for using mirrors in your home and have handpicked our top statement wall mirrors from the fabulous range of wall decor at OKA. The OKA Mirror Collection includes a range of different shapes, sizes, and styles including classic rectangular mirrors, full-length free-standing mirrors, and large statement mirrors.

Large Oval Wall Mirror Painted Wooden Frame

Killarney Oval Wall Mirror | £175

5 Design Hints for Using Mirrors in Your Home

Far from being simply a practical object in which to check your hair and make-up before you leave the house, a mirror is often an interior designer’s secret weapon and can be used to extend and reflect light, create drama, and rework your space in an instant.

Clover Distressed Mirror Country Style Painted Wood

Clover Mirror Distressed | £675

1. Use Mirrors to Illuminate a Room

To let light in, simply place a mirror opposite or next to a window to increase the quantity of natural daylight in the room (no matter how gloomy the sky is outside) the bigger the mirror, the brighter the space, as mirrors effectively double your light sources.

Antique Style Metal Wall Mirror

Hilde Antique Metal Mirror | £275

The Hilde Antique-Style Vertical Mirror is the ideal choice for a bedroom and will make the space feel lighter and extra open, especially when located above a mirrored chest of drawers. A wonderful centrepiece, The Hilde Mirror features a decorative design made from iron. The beveled edge detailing gives the complete piece a magical feel.

Sorrel quatrefoil design mirror black

Sorrel Mirror Black | £675

2. Use Mirrors to Decorate a Room

Mirrors will cleverly deceive the eye and can be used to enhance a room or deflect attention from quirky spaces such as sloping ceilings or gaps too small for furniture. Perfect for rooms where you intend to entertain, a mirror placed against a wall in a dining room can create the look of a grand gathering, whilst a large mirror in a living room will give the illusion of space as well as making an attractive piece of mounted art.

Fangorn Large Wooden Mirror Natural | £695

The Fangorn Mirror from OKA’s On The Wild Side Collection will allow you to bring the outside in. Inspired by nature, the design features realistic branch detail made from real wood surrounding a large rectangular mirror. The natural finish will blend in beautifully with most interiors and will work especially well with neutral tones and metallics.

Versailles Antique Mirrored Glass Mirror

Versailles Glass Mirror Small | £50

3. Use Mirrors to Create a Focal Point

In rooms in which there isn’t a fireplace or mantelpiece to position your furnishings around, a mirror can be a fantastic tool for dictating the centre point of the room. The stunning distressed bronze frame Versailles Mirror from OKA will project out from the wall making it perfect to place above a console table instantly creating a focal point.

Large Wall Mounted Mirror Distressed Bronze

Versailles Mirror Large | £495

4. Use Mirrors to Create a Window

For a windowless room or corner where you need to make the most of the natural light, a mirror can make it feel much brighter and more spacious. Choose a design that features window-like elements like separate glass panes, bars, or shutters to create the illusion.

Arched Window Wall Mirrors Distressed White

Heligan Arched Window Mirror | £375

We love the Heligan Mirror which has been designed in the form of an arched window. This shape is not only interesting as a stand-alone piece but can also be used to create the illusion of a window or to bounce light into a room. This style of mirror will work particularly well over a fireplace, console, or sideboard. Made from solid wood, the mirror is painted white and then distressed by hand, making each one is unique.

Antique Dressing Table Mirror

Trois Mirror Antique Silver | £395

5. Use Mirrors to Brighten Dark Corners

Maximise the quantity of light within a room by setting a mirror behind a switched-on lamp, or pair with mirrored furniture to reflect light and liven up your interior space. The Trois Mirror can be placed on a dressing table and angled to add light to a room.

Mysa Mirror Gold Long Slim Mirror

Mysa Mirror Gold | £595

The Mysa Mirror in gold is a long, slim mirror that will fit neatly in a narrow space, such as a dark corner, or hung in multiples, side-by-side, to create a stunning feature wall. For more inspiration and to view the full range online, take a look at OKA Mirrors

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