Designer Fashion and Contemporary Italian Elegance for the Home by Artist Renata Kevi

Fashionable for you and your home, Luxury Fashion & Interior Design brand Renata Kevi brings you some of the finest contemporary designs on classically elegant items including cushion covers, handkerchiefs, and scarves, all inspired by original paintings from The Ocean Collection by Renata Kevi herself. Handcrafted in Italy, Renata Kevi Cushion Covers are made from 100% silk twill and feature hand-finished edges, to add a touch of elegance and panache to your interior. Renata Kevi Handkerchiefs and Scarves are also made of weightless silk twill and feature hand-rolled hems, with brilliant designs simply popping to life on them. All items come beautifully presented in a branded Renata Kevi Box with a certificate of authenticity, making these stunning items perfect for gifting.


If you’re not in the know, Renata Kevi is a famed painter and designer. And even if you’ve discovered her brilliant fashionable designs, you might not be aware that she began her fashion house in 2015 with her brother Rolandas. With her unmatched talent and his international business connections, the sibling duo has struck an incredible balance in the design world. Their unique skills joined together have propelled them to the upper echelon of the fashion industry, which quite surprisingly neither one had any experience of prior to developing their brand which has gained international acclaim, something even some of the biggest names have been unable to manage in such a short space of time.


With the latest collection, The Ocean Collection, the designs are all based on original paintings by Renata Kevi. In particular, the scarves are drawing much attention, adorning the pages of famed fashion magazines. The mystique of the ocean is deep and profound, and Renata Kevi has gone to great lengths to preserve this in designing this collection. Alluring and sensual while being both light and dark, The Ocean Collection brings to the surface the sheer brilliance of the ocean world in an artful and meaningful way.

Wrap yourself up in a Renata Kevi Luxury Silk Scarf and you’ll be the centre of adoration as well. They create a huge impact for any outfit, whether you’re on your way to the office or somewhere more exciting! And as scarves can be worn in a myriad of ways, these designs will always have staying power, looking new and relevant in any way you tie them.

Below, we have included just a few of our favourite scarfs from The Ocean Collection:-

Ocean Flowers II Scarf Luxury Silk Twill Renata Kevi

Ocean Flowers II – Scarf

This print lends more depth to the floral theme. White underwater flowers that resemble lilies sway in the current, with a sensual touch of red sweeping from the centre. An ideal choice for those who aren’t as keen on floral patterns yet want to be completely on trend. The Ocean Flowers II Scarf is absolutely the sophisticated element your ensemble needs.

Medusas Luxury Silk Twill Scarf Renata Kevi

Medusas – Scarf

The spectacular beauty of the ocean at night is the inspiration for this design. The turgidly deep waters that bubble alive with medusas mingling in the moonlight are an ideal complement to a white blouse or red dress, or as a unique touch to your business attire. With its dark and mysterious masculine colours, the Medusas is a true unisex piece.

Paradiso Scarf Luxury Silk Twill Renata Kevi

Paradiso – Scarf

In the world beyond the blue, there are colours brighter and richer than many places on dry land. This design captures the pure paradise of the undersea world, filled with bright pulses of coral, pink strands of sea plants, and seafoam-hued sponges among other influences of the world beneath the waves. The Paradiso will add a vibrant touch to casual looks, wear yours in your hair, tied on your favourite handbag or styled around the neck.

Bubble Trouble Luxury Silk Twill Renata Kevi

Bubble Trouble – Scarf

The painting from Renata Kevi’s Ocean Collection that inspired this particular scene is reminiscent of blowfish puffed up blowing bubbles. Perfect pops of brilliance, patterned with vibrant shades of red, purple, blue and yellow, outlined with a turquoise border. Drape casually around your neck, tie in a classic knot or wear as a fashionable wrist wrap.

Ocean Flowers I Luxury Silk Twil Scarf Renata Kevi

Ocean Flowers I – Scarf

The theme of nature is a perfect choice for Autumn to accessorise your timeless pieces with. The dazzling array of ocean flowers come alive in this print. Red, yellow, orange, turquoise, and all the colours of the rainbow thrive under the gentle tides of the ocean waves, drifting to and fro on the ocean floor. It’s a new way to do floral for a contemporary feel. Wear yours in a classic bow, neat tie, or create a colourful headband.

The Ocean Collection is truly making waves among the fashionable, earning nods in fashion bibles like VOGUE, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour and even GQ, a sure sign that these exquisite Italian made accessories, suitable both for men and women, are the necessary flair one needs to be the ultimate fashionista. From runway to your way, you can find the entirety of The Ocean Collection by Renata Kevi available to purchase online.

Renata Kevi Ocean Blooming Scarf

Additionally, Renata Kevi will roll out around 50 more designs for The Ocean Collection over time so you can collect as many as you desire. For those of you that must be in the top tier of fashion at all times, keep an eye out for Renata Kevi’s second exclusive, though smaller, collection set to be featured in the January 2018 issue of VOGUE magazine.

For more information and to view the full collection online, visit:

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