Diving Deeper Into Meaning with California-Based Spiritual Jewellery Brand, Seven Saints

Seven Saints Spiritual Jewellery Sacred Geometry Seed of Life

Having garnered a reputation for spiritual jewellery that doesn’t stray from its deeply meditative roots, Seven Saints offers go-to accessories for anyone looking to play up their divine feminine vibes. The brand’s founder, Kaliah Shil’Ee, has managed to do what so many etheric-inspired companies so often bungle: The simple mantra of “practice what you preach.” Wonderfully grounded, beautifully refined, and honestly intentional, Seven Saints manages to stay trendy without being a victim of trends. Or, in other words, they are that ultra-cool, timeless brand that seems to get it right over and over again.

Seven Saints Spiritual Jewellery Evil Eye Necklace 18k Gold Vermeil with Turquoise and Zirconia Baguette Diamonds

Spiritual Jewellery

Cases in point: The brand’s Evil Eye and Sacred Geometry Collections. Perennially best-sellers, the jewellery from these collections are well-loved (and well-worn) worldwide not just because they’re beautiful (although they are), but because they’re meaningful.

A deeper dive into the meaning of the “evil eye” reveals that numerous cultures and traditions believe in a “look” that transmits negative energy. Caused by envy, the evil eye is something that you can’t prevent or avoid. Of course, not unless you wear the evil eye yourself as a sort of protective and reflective tool. This is exactly what the pieces from the Seven Saints Evil Eye Protection Collection have been created to do.

Seven Saints Spiritual Jewellery Evil Eye Protection Necklace 18k Gold over Sterling Silver with Sapphire and White Topaz Matte Finish

Evil Eye Protection

Using beautiful designs and gemstones that carry their own significance as well (like sapphire for protection, abundance, and blessings or white topaz for auric protection and divine love), the Evil Eye Protection collection is the ultimate solution to pulling accessory double-duty, allowing you to up-level your look while doing some serious energetic work.

Seven Saints Spiritual Jewellery Energy Clearing Seed of Life Necklace Black Spinel 18k Gold Finish

Sacred Geometry

Another double-duty jewellery collection, Sacred Geometry which carries incredible wisdom known to be passed down through divine lineages for centuries. The Seed of Life, for example, is “a powerful Sacred Geometry symbol believed to be a building block of all creation,” a representation of the seven days of creation, abundance, and expansion.

Seven Saints Spiritual Jewellery Seed Of Life Abundance Jewellery Set Necklace and Earrings 18k Gold Plated

The Seed of Life

Need more? This symbol also represents “creativity, abundance, and fertility… and is thought to provide spiritual and physical protection and spiritual healing.” Found throughout several pieces in the Seven Saints Handmade Spiritual Jewellery Collections, this powerful symbol is paired with meaningful gemstones, including white chalcedony (for love, luck and confidence) and black spinel (for removing obstacles and protection).

Seven Saints Spiritual Jewellery Body Mind Balance Flower of Life Necklace, White Chalcedony 18K Gold Vermeil

The Flower of Life

Another cornerstone of Sacred Geometry, the Flower of Life, which can also be found throughout the Seven Saints Jewellery Collections, is believed to help a person sync with the natural rhythms of the world. Through meditation, the Flower of Life symbol is believed to be a catalyst for limitless manifestation. We love the Body Mind Balance Flower of Life Necklace with White Chalcedony in 18k Gold Vermeil, as pictured above.

Seven Saints Spiritual Jewellery Vitality & Prosperity Sri Yantra Bracelet Green Jade 18k Gold Finish One Size

Sri Yantra

But if mastering the art of manifestation is what you’re after, then turn your attention to the Seven Saints Sri Yantra pieces. Known as the “Mother” of all sacred symbols, the Sri Yantra has been passed down through Hindu traditions and is said to bring about the “realisation of all our worldly and material desires” — just by wearing it. A representation of the infinite, ever-expanding Universe and the dance between Creation and Destruction, the Sri Yantra is the unravelling of all of the Universe’s secrets.

While there are no guarantees about what will unfold in your life after choosing your Sacred Symbol, you can be confident of one thing: You’ll look good as you find out.

To find out more and shop all of the jewellery collections online, visit: sevensaints.com

Seven Saints Spiritual Jewellery Logo

Image Credits: Frank Felipe, Kaliah Shil’Ee (Photography) and Diana Martinez (Model)

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