Eden Days Body: Handmade Skincare That Cares Full Circle

Eden Days Body 100% Organic Natural Luxurious Multipurpose Body Oils Elixirs Essential Oils

It’s one thing to create a “natural” skincare product that boasts “clean” ingredients; it’s another feat altogether to develop an entire skincare brand that is not only clean and natural, but that also cares deeply about the planet — from the people and animals to the plants and the entire ecosystem. And that’s exactly why so many skincare and beauty brands cut corners, playing to one strength in order to earn your money while completely ignoring so many other factors that go into being truly sustainable and eco-conscious.
Eden Days Body, the increasingly popular skincare brand, isn’t one of those companies.

Eden Days Body Redbush Elixir 100% Natural Body Oil Sensitive Skin Crimson Cacao Soap Bar Handmade

Luxury Gift Set – Redbush Elixir & Crimson Cacao Soap

Eden Days Body

Founded, owned, and operated by Mother-Daughter team Inge and Adele, Eden Days Body is passionate about what they do, especially the people they do it for. Making each and every product by hand in Wales, Eden Days Body offers a complete range of natural plant-based products that have nothing to hide — no GMOs, safe, sustainably sourced…

Eden Days Body 100% Natural Shave Shed Beard Grooming Set For Men Cedarwood Bergamot and Sandalwood

Beard Grooming Set – Cedarwood, Bergamot & Sandalwood

Paying exquisite attention to detail, Inge and Adele make sure their products are “full circle” sustainable, which means that all ingredients used are sustainably grown and ethically harvested; that product formulas are biodegradable; and that all of the packaging is recycled, recyclable, simple, and even multi-purpose in function. Where possible, Eden Days Body achieves zero-waste solutions, something most so-called “eco-friendly” brands can’t even fathom. And people around the world are taking notice…

Eden Days Body 100% Natural Cheeky Chops Baby & Kids Organic Butter Balm

Cheeky Chops Baby & Kids Organic Butter

Award-Winning Skincare

Eden Days Body recently made the finals in the Free From Skincare Awards, earning rave reviews of several of its popular products, including the Cheeky Chops Baby & Kids Organic Butter and the Redbush Elixir, a body oil designed to truly nourish every inch of your skin, including your scalp. (The Elixir can also be used as an amazing face cleanser!)

Eden Days Body Luxury Gift Set Black Pepper & Lime Shave Elixir and Body Soap

Luxury Gift Set – Black Pepper & Lime Shave Elixir and Body Soap

For a small brand creating everything by hand, it’s astonishing to note how many different (and exceptional) products Eden Days Body produces. In addition to the Redbush Elixir, Eden Days Body also creates a Black Pepper & Lime Elixir designed specifically as a shaving oil (but that also doubles as an excellent hair mask!) And speaking of great hair, one of Eden Days Body’s most popular products is its Dry Shampoo, which literally has customers praising that they can’t live without it anymore because of how effective it is.

100% Natural Organic Dry Shampoo For Light and Dark Hair Eden Days Body

Crazy Daizy Dry Shampoo | Deep Daizy Dry Shampoo

100% Natural Haircare

Of course, when you do have to wash your hair, Eden Days Body has you covered: its Ahoy Monoi Pre-Shampoo Treatment is one of the most luxurious (and nutrient-packed) ways to care for your hair. Crafted with monoi oil and aloe vera butter, the pre-shampoo treatment repairs damaged keratin fibers, boosts shine, encourages hair growth, and ensures that your hair is as smooth and shiny as possible.

Eden Days Body Ahoy Monoi Pre Shampoo Hair Treatment Monoi Oil Aloe Vera

Ahoy Monoi Pre-Shampoo Hair Treatment

From Body Butters to Face Cleansers and Scrubs (check out the best-selling Char Char Bar Face Cleanser and Zuki Zuki Organic Face Scrub), Shave Soaps, and Beard Oils, Eden Days Body makes a compelling case for becoming your new favourite skincare brand. (And as soon as you try the products for yourself, the deal will be sealed without hesitation.)

Eden Days Body Zuki Zuki Organic Face Scrub Orange Peel and Baobab

Zuki Zuki Organic Face Scrub

To find out more about the complete range of 100% Natural Body, Hair, and Skincare products available at Eden Days Body and to shop online, visit: edendaysbody.com

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