EZiRA RANE, a Fashionable Reason to Look Forward to Rainy Days

There are two types of people in the world: Those who love the rain, and those who dread it. And while the two camps might seem at odds with each other, the reality is that the reason one enjoys darkened clouds is that they are blissfully prepared. Caught off guard in the rain, unless you’re acting in a scene from your favourite rom-com, chances are you’ll have several reasons to complain. But, when you have an opportunity to put your favourite wellies, umbrella, and raincoat to use, then the rain transforms into something magical – or, at the very least, bearable.

Women's Raincoat with Fur Collar


EZiRA RANE, a British rainwear company, is adding to the magic of rain by developing water-resistant designs that truly challenge and redefine rainwear. Whether a summer shower or a winter downpour, EZiRA RANE’s commitment goes beyond helping men and women prepare for the weather; the brand is ensuring that your favourite looks are those unintimidated by changing skies.

Men's Full Length Water Resistant Trench Coat

British Rainwear Brand

Combining fashion, style, and functionality, EZiRA RANE’s contemporary designs are a breath of fresh air in the otherwise basic world of rainwear. Bold and fun, the styles range from dramatic to classic, using elements like large bell-shaped hoods and stunning detailing to make head-turning statements. Colourful inside and out, the brand understands that the last thing you want to do is blend in, especially when everything around you is grey and dreary.

EZiRA RANE Men's Rainwear

Made in London

With each design conceived and crafted in London, EZiRA RANE provides discerning shoppers with a high-end, creative way to embrace the rain. From high-profile celebrities to trend-making influencers, each unique EZiRA RANE style attracts men and women who look forward to dressing every day – come rain or shine.


Expert Craftsmanship

Functional and stylish, the latest collection of weatherproof, water-resistant coats feature the stunning detailing that EZiRA RANE is known for. And, because the London-crafted quality is made to last, you can be confident that it’s an investment worth making.


RANE:WEAR Collection

Ready to shop? These four fresh designs from the EZiRA RANE collection promise to deliver rain-loving style season after season…

Women's Timeless Wrap Style Raincoat

Barbican Lane. | £350.00

Available in five stunning colours, the Barbican Lane raincoat uses the classic wrap style and belt to perfectly define your waist. Wonderfully showerproof with the signature EZiRA RANE bell-shaped hood, this coat is crafted to be full-length, providing you with optimal coverage even in downpours. The same expert craftsmanship you have come to expect from the brand is evident in this style.

Lightweight Wrap Style Raincoat

Barbican City. | £300.00

A showerproof trench coat with a bell-shaped hood, this lightweight wrap-style accentuates your waist, defining the perfect silhouette. The Barbican City coat uses colourful lining from the hood through the sleeves to create a fresh look in any element. Expert craftsmanship and high-quality materials elevate this jacket above the rest.

Women's Belted Wrap Raincoat

EC1 W. | £420.00

A trench-style raincoat for women, the EC1 W is a timeless wrap and pop-styled raincoat from EZiRA RANE. Crafted from British Millerain material and woven from 100% cotton twill, the full-length EC1 W embraces its femininity with a belted waist.

Men's Water Resistant Trench Coat

EC1 M. | £465.00

The ideal standalone raincoat for men, the EC1 M. features an asymmetric collar on a classic trench silhouette. 100% cotton twill woven with lining, the EC1 M. uses British Millerain material to create the perfect full-length men’s outerwear coat.

To get the perfect fit, EZiRA RANE offers each design as made-to-order for an additional, yet well worth it, cost. To view the full collection and shop online, visit: ezirarane.com

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