Fahari Naturals, Reclaiming the Definition of Natural with Beauty Products That Simplify Your Daily Routine

Fahari Naturals

Standing in the middle of any beauty store aisle, it’s easy to feel a range of emotions, doubtful, anxious, frustrated. With so many brands using “green” marketing to try to boost sales, claiming to be “all-natural” although often the ingredient list begs to differ.

Even some of the most well known “natural” companies still suffer from big-brand thinking, doing little to alter their practices in order to care for the environment or animals. And, of course, there’s always the disappointment when you find a brand that looks great on paper, but are left completely underwhelmed when you actually use their products. Is it any wonder that so many women have lost faith in “natural” products?

Fahari Naturals Skincare
Fahari Naturals Skincare

Thankfully, the founders of Fahari Naturals, Harriet Mugweru and Margaret Kamau, recognise this and are working diligently to reclaim the definition of “natural,” creating a range of skincare and haircare products that are completely transparent. “We believe in label transparency and ingredient safety, more information and less hype. We need a peace of mind about the stuff we use daily,” say the founders.

Both born in Eldoret, Kenya, Harriet and Margaret chose the name “Fahari” because of its Swahili origins. Translated to mean “pride” or “magnificent,” Fahari Naturals takes pride in their dedication to creating all-natural products that really work.

Founders of Fahari Naturals Harriet and Margaret
Harriet Mugweru and Margaret Kamau, Founders of Fahari Naturals

Catered towards “people who struggle with skin concerns such as eczema, dry skin and acne,” Fahari Naturals have positioned themselves as an all-natural, effective replacement for women who up until now have had to rely on old-school standbys, like Cetaphil.

Fahari Naturals offers a complete range of skincare and haircare products, all of which “are made without parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or mineral oils that you find in the other products catered to this market space,” says Harriet.

Including all of the daily beauty essentials you need, like facial toner and moisturiser, face wash, body lotion and creme, and shampoo and conditioner. The product most sought after by Fahari Natural fans (including the founders) is their best-selling Unity Oil.

Fahari Naturals Unity Oil
Fahari Naturals Unity Oil

A unique blend of essential oils designed to hydrate, invigorate, and soothe, the Fahari Naturals Unity Oil delivers a healthy dose of antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. “We use it for both our hair and skin. We use it in our baths, as a primer for our foundation, as cuticle oil. We literally use that oil for everything!” say the founders, making a great case for every woman to give this multi-tasking oil a try. Not to mention, it’s a powerful antidote for dry skin, annoying split ends, and, yes, even wrinkles!

Fahari Naturals Starter Kit
Fahari Naturals Starter Kit

For women looking to fall in love with a new crush-worthy beauty brand, Fahari Naturals offers their popular Starter Kit, which features a full size Unity Oil and four “try-me” sizes of their Co-Wash, Face Wash, Fair Creme, and Face Moisturiser – everything you need to get a taste of what truly powerful natural skincare and haircare products can do.

Made conscientiously in the United States, Fahari Naturals is looking to grow – naturally. The founders say that while they are looking to “expand” their product offerings, one of their big focuses is on building “an education platform to teach people about caring for their skin using natural products and ingredients.”

To find out more about Fahari Naturals and shop online, visit: faharinaturals.com

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