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Honey Natural Organic Skin Care

While skincare companies are always treading water in order to stay ahead on the latest and greatest “it” products, there are a few that have happily stepped out of the pool. These brands, confident and cool, know that their formulas work and, regardless of the hot new botanical everyone is infusing, they stay true to who they are and what they do.

Honey Skincare

Of course, in the money-hungry world of beauty, these companies are hard to find. Is it easier to peddle products that are flashy and buzzing? Absolutely. But, is it actually the best answer for your skin? Probably not. There is, however, one beauty company that is managing to buzz all on its own – no mystical ingredients you’ve never heard of required.

Honey Based Skincare

Honey Corn

It’s called Honey Corn, and it’s one of the most ingenious skincare brands you’ll ever meet. Not only are its products 100% natural and artisan-made, but they all revolve around one key ingredient: honey. From packaging to product, you’ll love this “queen bee” brand. Founded in London’s Notting Hill by Ayesha Ibrahim, a luxury brand consultant for nearly two decades, Honey Corn is equal parts evolution and revolution – a gender-neutral natural skincare company that is luxuriously down-to-earth.

Honey Natural Skincare

Dedicated to using pure honey (aka liquid gold) in each of its products, the Honey Corn line promises healthy, radiant, and supple skin. And, if that isn’t enough, its mission to help keep the global bee population healthy while establishing a network of beekeepers across the developing world (part of the “Bee a Keeper” campaign) is as sweet as it sounds.

Botanic Organic Natural

Looking for clean ingredients? Want a healthy glow winter to summer? Compelled to buy products that look as beautiful as they work? Honey Corn is your answer to all three. Ready to get started? Here are the skincare products we are excited to buzz about:

Manuka Honey Skin Care Set

Skincare for Men & Women

Start off with the Honey Corn 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser & Face Wash, a gentle 2-in-1 cream cleanser and face wash made with 100% natural ingredients, this product does wonders for problematic and blemish-prone skin. Soothing coconut oil and honey meet banana extract for a dream team you can’t live without!

Followed by the Honey Corn Rose Water Toner & Face Mist, to hydrate your skin, this 2-in-1 natural necessity can also be used to set your makeup. Zero chemicals make it a great choice for anyone with skin sensitivities. Beautifully light and refreshing, take it with you to revitalise your skin at any time of the day. The perfect travel companion!

Toner & Face Mist Bulgarian Rose Water

Next, the Honey Corn Anti-Ageing Everyday Anytime Light Hydration, light enough to use anytime, day or night, this 100% natural anti-ageing moisturiser lets honey do its magic. A natural humectant, honey attracts water to your skin so that cells are plumped and the skin is hydrated. Brightening whilst protecting from harmful environmental conditions. The addition of shea butter, liquid silk, and vitamin E oil will make this moisturiser your go-to skin saviour!

In the evening, use the Honey Corn Hydrating Face (Night Cream), honey meets hyaluronic acid in this skin cell rejuvenating hydrating face cream. Use at night for the best anti-ageing results and wake up to silky soft skin, you’re welcome!

Natural Hydrating Face Night Cream

And finally, once a week, treat your skin with the Honey Corn Gentle Face Scrub Microdermabrasion Exfoliator, naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal, honey has an amazing ability to heal and soothe your skin. It’s used in this gentle face scrub to smooth and plump your skin while saying goodbye to dead skin cells. Invigorate your skin to reveal a natural glow.

Manuka Honey Anti-Ageing Skin Care Face Kit

While it might not turn heads or sell magazines, honey is at the top of the all-time “it” ingredients list. (It’s been there for years.) An excellent natural skin treatment that works as a skin rejuvenator, anti-wrinkle remedy, anti-bacterial solution, and hydration hero, there is no one better than Honey Corn to show you the benefits.

For more information and to shop the full skincare range online, visit: honeycornuk.com

Honey Corn Skincare Logo

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