Forget French Fashion, Spanish Style is Taking Over (And in the World of Kid’s Clothes, Too)

For decades, French fashion has dominated the headlines, monopolising the concept of ultra-chic and stunningly stylish. But, while there’s no denying that the native French still hold an enviable amount of that je ne sais quoi when it comes to fashion, a new national darling is forcing them to share the spotlight: the Spanish. Perhaps a little bit more relaxed and free-spirited with a healthy gitano spirit, Spanish style is attracting international attention – and it’s not just for the grown-ups.

Asymmetrical Girl's Skirt

Olishana Asymmetrical Skirt

At this year’s London Kids Fashion Week (otherwise known as LKFW), a certain Spanish label was turning heads, making parents excited to get their hands on the latest collection (and fashion lovers without kids wishing they had them). Meet pezPunto, an artisan children’s fashion label from Barcelona that understands perfectly how to create clothes that appeal to both the parents and, most importantly, the kids who wear them.

Children's Kangaroo Pocket Shirt

Neguro Kangaroo Pocket Shirt

Artisan Kids Fashion

Béatrice Hernández, the founder of pezPunto, actually entered the world of architecture first, which accounts for the creative shapes and structures that are atypical (and incredibly welcome) in her children’s clothing designs. Always fond of crafts and sewing, Béatrice, who is a mother of three, was innately drawn to children’s fashion, her artistic eye reimagining the way children’s clothes can – and should – be.

Boys Mohair Jacket Harry Potter Style

Rigoking Tuxedo Collar Coat

The Enchantment Collection

“Designing and making children’s clothes for years now has enabled me to unleash my dreams… I believe in things made with love, affection and passion,” says Béatrice, whose latest collection, Enchantment, pulls you and your children straight into a whimsical dreamscape, where clothes double as costumes, imaginations soar, and those spectacular alter egos are channelled seamlessly from one breath to the next. Inspired by fire, Enchantment celebrates the desire to gather as well as the daring nature that resides in all of us, especially children.

Puff Sleeve Girl's Dress

Eluvolau Puff Sleeve Dress

“Enchantment emerged from this feeling of warm comfort,” says Béatrice. And that’s exactly what you get. Think warm and comfortable mohair wool coats, garments that combine velvet and cotton with geometric and comfortable designs. Using a neutral and earthy colour palette filled with blue, mustard and grey, Enchantment uses shapes, rather than colours and design, to make a creative statement – and it’s one that feels just right for this cooler season.

Girl's Grey Mohair Coat

Mannio Mohair Coat

SS19 Collection Preview

And, unlike many children’s lines, pezPunto offers sizes that are appropriate for ages from three to sixteen, making it okay for parents to fall in love. Previews of the SS19 collection are attracting a buzz already thanks to their unique dye and design process. Béatrice says she uses a shibori technique in order to produce the unique effect on the must-have collection of shirts and dresses.

Tie Dye Children's Clothing

(And, in case you were wondering, yes, each pezPunto piece is handmade, to which Béatrice says, “I enjoy very much each and every one of the steps during the creative process of making each garment.” And, clearly, in this case, the results speak for themselves.)

Childrenswear Tie Dye Clothing

There’s no doubt that pezPunto is primed to be a perennial mainstay in the world of children’s fashion (and just another reason why Spanish style really is the next big thing). For more info and to shop the children’s clothing range, visit:

pezPunto Logo

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