Get Laid Beds: Britain’s Most Beautiful Luxury Four Poster Beds

With such a cheeky name, it’s easy to want to dismiss Get Laid Beds as nothing more than smart marketing. But, a closer look at their beds reveals that there’s so much more than just a clever name. Get Laid Beds are beautiful from every angle – of course, which angle you decide to admire the craftsmanship is completely up to you…

Four Poster Space Saving Underbed Storage

Over the years, Get Laid Beds has perfected the art of crafting beautiful beds, the kind you want to see and be seen in. With each and every bed in the brand’s collections handcrafted in Britain – not a foreign factory – you start to understand the dedication and pride that fuels its success. Keen to respond to customer feedback, Get Laid Beds innovates new products that appeal to the most discerning customers, especially those who have an eye for quality and aesthetics.

Country Style Wooden Four Poster bed

Four Poster Country Bed | Solid Scandinavian Pine Warm White Finish

Get Laid Beds Solid Wooden Bed Frames

Today, the former out-of-the-garage business conceived by two friends (Jonny and Jean, an architect and carpenter respectively) is a thriving company with thousands of adoring fans across the U.K. and the U.S. Like so many great brands, Get Laid Beds was born out of necessity – a desire to design a better bed. Intimate, personal, and a part of everyday life, the way your bed looks, feels, and withstands regular use matters. And, as Jonny and Jean realised, the current way of creating mass-produced beds just simply wasn’t working.

Classic Four Poster Bed with Curtains

A far cry from the first few designs to come out of the garage’s early days, Get Laid Beds has a wide range of handcrafted products, including wooden, upholstered, and metal beds, as well as mattresses, bedding, and other accessories. You can even find that perfect outdoor bed you’ve been needing for your terrace or deck. And, while every Get Laid Beds product is something you’ll want in your home, perhaps the “Perfect 10” you’ve been looking for comes in the form of their stunning Wooden Four Poster Bed Collection.

Modern Dark Wood Four Poster Bed

New Forest Four Poster Bed | Solid Hardwood Walnut Finish

Get Laid Beds Handmade Four Poster Beds

Elegant and in a variety of finishes (including Red Forest, Warm White, and traditional Walnut and Oak), Get Laid Beds four-poster beds make a statement in every master bedroom they enter. And, if you thought every four-poster bed looked the same, Get Laid Bed’s collection is here to prove you wrong.

Low Four Poster Wooden Bed

Low Four Poster Bed | Solid Hardwood Oak Finish

While the Four Poster Bed Classic and Four Poster Country Bed maintain farmhouse style expectations, the New Forest Four Poster Bed feels a bit more modern and contemporary. For a more eclectic, global vibe, the Moroccan Four Poster Bed and Low Four Poster Bed instantly transport you to countries that exude both sensuality and style.

Moroccan Style Four Poster Bed

Moroccan Four Poster Bed | Solid Scandinavian Pine Black Finish

More than just looks, the four poster bed frames crafted by Get Laid Beds demonstrate the need for a new way of thinking about solid wooden bed frames. Far from boring and plain, these hardwood beds will withstand the test of time – and your high expectations when it comes to the furniture you bring into your home.

White Wooden Four Poster Bed

Four Poster Bed Summer | Solid Scandinavian Pine Warm White Finish

Don’t just buy a better bed frame, buy a better, more beautiful bed frame that will add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your home – day and night. Worldwide shipping and assembly service available, for more information and to see the full range of beds online, visit:

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