Get to Know Baljinder Kaur, Founder of Adarci London, Luxury Organic Skincare Thats For More Than Just Your Face

Luxury skincare and glowing, radiant skin should go hand-in-hand. And while most women are happy to find a great natural product that delivers on that promise, Baljinder Kaur, the founder of the soon-to-launch Adarci London, wants her skincare line to do that and so much more.

The name of her company derives from the Punjabi word “Ardas,” which can be defined as a yearning for universal wellness. Its ethos firmly rooted in its name, Adarci London goes beyond incredible skincare with a line of high-performance products that nourish both your skin and emotional well-being. Committed to offering all-natural products that use the power of therapeutic essential oils that do everything from evoke relaxation to encourage rejuvenation.

Adarci London is worth every bit of indulgence, redefining the luxury skincare world with the knowledge that in order for women to glow, they must feel great, too.

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Baljinder Kaur Adarci London Founder

Exclusive Interview with Baljinder Kaur

We got to know Baljinder Kaur, the woman behind the brand, asking her a few questions about herself and her much anticipated brand launch.

Tell us more about your background?
I studied Biomedical Sciences at university but found myself climbing the ladder in the finance industry. I left my career behind in order to start a family and subsequently move to London. I’m now a mother of three wonderful children and am getting ready to launch Adarci London soon.

What compelled you to start Adarci?
When I became pregnant with my first son, I stopped and re-evaluated life. I began focusing more on natural health and wellbeing and I instinctively wanted this for my family too. My grandmother taught me a lot about compassion and helped me form my own philosophy that centres around the one-ness of humanity. And so, whatever I wanted for my own children, I also wanted for everyone else too. Given my philosophy and background in Biomedical Sciences, I decided to create a skincare company that actually helped people from the inside out.

Why did you zero in on luxury skincare?
When I started out, luxury and organic were mutually exclusive. I found it bizarre that the most luxurious skin care ranges were not the ones which had all of the nutrients and organic ingredients. I set out to address this by creating a luxury brand that was also natural and organic.

Tell us more about what makes Adarci unique?
I’ve always had a strong dislike of makeup. I have a conviction that makeup masks our true beauty and it chips away at our self-worth over time by convincing us that underneath the masks, we are not good enough. So, Adarci sets out to give women around the world makeup-free confidence. I want my daughter to grow up in a world where women don’t feel the need to wear masks of any kind. Adarci’s blend of wellness and nutritious skincare is a major step in that direction.

Who do you see using Adarci products?
Adarci’s customers will be women who appreciate what naturally healthy and glowing skin can do for their sense of wellbeing. Skin that is so good, that it would be a shame to layer it with makeup. Having the confidence to be bare-faced and free of makeup is the ultimate statement of self-worth.

Tell us more about the launch?
We’re hoping to launch in Summer 2018. We are planning a launch event in London and you can also come and meet us in October at the Indie Beauty Expo in London.

What are your future plans for the brand?
We’re receiving some incredibly positive feedback from national and international retailers already and so we’ve had to start thinking about a roadmap of product releases. We can’t reveal too much just yet, but we will be following up on the initial launch with more products for sure!

Adarci Cleanser and Exfoliator

Adarci London Luxury Skincare

With the Adarci London launch highly anticipated for Summer, we’re already planning our beauty buys. The Awakening Eye Cream, which promises to “banish dark circles” and visibly reduce signs of aging is a must. But so is Adarci’s Intrinsic Glow Moisturiser, which uses cedarwood and bergamot oil to elevate your mood while simultaneously boosting your skin’s natural production of proteins for a “glow that really lasts.”

And, if you’re in the market for a new exfoliator, the white willow included in the Radiance Enhancing Exfoliator is everything as it deeply cleanses your skin like you want, but with zero irritation. Couple that with the Rich Clarity Cleanser and Ultimate Rejuvenating Serum, heroes for repairing skin damage and bidding farewell to blemishes respectively, and you can see why we’re marking our calendars for Adarci’s summer launch.

To stay in the loop, you can follow @adarcilondon on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for updates on the launch, and be sure to sign up to their mailing list by visiting: adarci.comAdarci London Logo

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