Getting Comfortable: Emerald Dove London Rethinking How You Make Your House a Home

The Faded Raj Cushion Collection Emerald Dove London

Fifteen years ago, on the crowded and vivid streets that weave their way through the markets of Mysore, Claire, the founder of Emerald Dove London was inspired. Senses awakened by the vibrant colours, beaded fabrics, and intoxicating smells, she knew that, despite the almost overwhelming experience, something was missing back home.

India, known for its magnetism and ability to make you feel at home despite the stark differences and foreignness, does something right when it comes to bright colours, unique textures, and ethereal aromas. Woven together into the nation’s fabric, these elements create a sense of celebration, something which is notably missing from the incredibly tame, muted palettes found in the UK.

The Saree Collection Scatter Cushions Emerald Dove London

Throughout Claire’s travels, which took her through the fabric markets of Maharashtra and Rajasthan to the wedding bazaars in Delhi and the silk vendors in Karnataka, she found the missing pieces, the antidote, to the blandness that is sometimes felt back home.

Taken by the embellished fabrics and the rich scents of spices and oils, Emerald Dove London is a translation of India’s brightest and boldest, created to work seamlessly into the lives and homes of those hungry for a change in the UK. Offering a beautiful collection of cushions, scented sachets, and candles, every Emerald Dove London item carries a story, one that makes your house somehow, almost magically, feel more like home.

Rose Garden Collection Emerald Dove London Cushions

The Emerald Dove London Collections

Looking at The Emerald Dove Collections takes you on a journey of your senses, giving you the next best thing to walking slowly through India’s bustling markets yourself. The collections of cushions, for example, which, as Claire says, are designed to magnify “the heritage and colonial feel of the brand,” will provide your home with an instant pop of colour, but one that doesn’t feel contrived or out of place.

The Raja Collection

In The Raja Collection, which features designs “inspired by the intricate lattice window and columned rooms found in many of the forts of Rajasthan,” the stunning fabric on the cushions almost resembles glitter, its gold lace and beaded surfaces shimmering brilliantly in the sunlight that makes its way through your home’s windows.

The Pink City 01 Cushion The Raja Collection Emerald Dove London

The Pink City Cushion | £95.00

The Saree Collection

Inspired by the vivid colours woven into the borders of traditional Indian sarees, The Saree Collection uses intricate braids and unique silver or gold accents to create a block pattern. The braid-like appearance weaves together complementary colours, making them an easy-to-use accent in any room of your home.

Emerald Weave Cushion Saree Collection Emerald Dove London

Emerald Weave Cushion | £50.00

The Faded Raj Collection

Offering a more relaxed vibe thanks to the hand-dyed and faded linen, the beautiful scatter cushions from The Faded Raj Collection look right at home in the UK. Using traditional patchwork techniques that hint at the design of the Union Jack flag, these cushions, which are offered in complementary colour combination pairs, will make you and any guest feel immediately at ease, and the vibrant colours will brighten your day.

The Faded Raj Collection Pink and Red Linen Scatter Cushions Emerald Dove London

Pink & Red Faded Raj Linen Cushions | £160.00

Scented Sachets

And, because nothing makes a house feel more like a home than the delightful way it smells, no shop at Emerald Dove London would be complete without a lingering look at their collection of Scented Sachets. Filled with the same fragrances uses in ceremonial Puja blessings, these sachets will instantly transport you into the magical, almost indescribable, realms of India. A stunning gift (for yourself or close friends and family), these sachets come in three varieties, Lotus & Sandalwood, Honeysuckle & Jasmine and a gorgeous Indian Rose that is said to cultivate “positive energy, happiness and hope.”

Honeysuckle and Jasmine Scented Sachet Gift Box Emerald Dove London

Honeysuckle & Jasmine Scented Sachets | £35.00

To stay in-the-know, be on the lookout for Claire’s latest addition to her scented sachet collection, which is rumoured to be using the fabric from beautiful antique wedding sarees. The perfect wedding gift? We certainly think so.

Most of The Emerald Dove London Collections are Limited Editions. Whilst they do hold a select amount of stock, the majority of pieces are lovingly made to order. So you know you will be getting something truly original, made especially for your home. For more information and to shop the collections online, visit:

Emerald Dove London Accent Scatter Cushions and Scented Home Accessories

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