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As the weather shifts and half of the world starts eyeing up those much-missed cosy accessories, from cable knit sweaters to chunky throws, it’s a good idea to take a step back and evaluate where you are. Philosophical, yes, but practical advice as well. Trees begin to conserve energy this time of year, paring back on showy leaves and focusing on fortifying their roots. This natural act of grounding during the autumn and winter seasons can be healing, as simplifying your day-to-day habits and practices helps you to conserve energy and focus on what matters. And that’s exactly why we’re totally vibing with The Beauty Archive right now.

Natural Organic Makeup

The Beauty Archive Organic Makeup

Already a fan-favourite in the world of beauty because of its call to put away the contouring brushes and to embrace a more natural (more YOU) look, the latest release from The Beauty Archive, The Down to Earth Collection, emphasises this call-to-action even more, arming women with the beauty essentials they need to be comfortable and confident in their own skin. Always on a mission to empower, rather than convince women they need makeup in order to feel beautiful, to say The Beauty Archive is a welcome breath of fresh air is an understatement.

Eyes and Cheeks Natural Color Creams

The Down to Earth Collection

Mindfully celebratory and wonderfully inclusive, The Down to Earth Collection is exactly what you need this season to get back to your own roots – and love every minute of it. When asked about her brand’s newest creation, Zandra Arvidsson Holgersson, the Founder & CEO of The Beauty Archive, says that you should “get down to basics, to feel the connection with yourself and your surroundings.” Designed to work for a variety of skin tones and undertones, this latest collection both enhances and nurtures your skin. “We have, for example, added powerful organic cold-pressed grape seed oil, which is rich in antioxidants and has anti-ageing properties,” says Holgersson.

Natural Organic makeup eyes and cheeks colour creams

Eyes & Cheek Color Creams

Just launched on The Beauty Archive website and a selection of retailers, The Down to Earth Collection features three must-have products for women looking to naturally streamline their beauty routine. These latest Eyes & Cheeks Color Creams are simple, yes, but indulgent in hue. From the petals of summer’s last flowers to rich clay and crackling wood, it’s easy to see why this collection is so earthy. Easy to blend and warm like the fire you’re ready to curl up by, there’s a time and place for each colour.

Natural Eyes and Cheeks Colour Cream Bronze

Earthbound Eyes & Cheek Color Cream |  £36.00

Each product is shipped in a 5.8g/20oz. glass jar, transparent and easy-to-read just like The Beauty Archive. Every product in The Down to Earth collection is carefully created with a luxurious blend of organic, vegan and anti-ageing ingredients. Each ingredient is hand-picked to protect, moisturise and enhance your natural skin. Below is each of the new colours with a personal usage and application tip from the expert herself, Zandra.

brown bronze eyes and cheeks colour cream
Earthbound Colour Swatch

Earthbound. THE ‘go-to’ colour for defining and warming the face and eyes. It matches a variety of different skin tones and undertones and is a true dream to blend! It can also be used on the lips where it will adapt to the natural colour of your lips to create different shades of browns and nudes.

Rose Pink Eyes and Cheeks Colour Cream

Rosefall Eyes & Cheek Color Cream | £36.00

Rosefall. The MUST-HAVE colour cream. It’s a universal blush that, when applied to the lips, appears as a muted nude pink with a wonderful matte finish. You’ll love how effortlessly it blends on your eyes and cheeks.

Rose Pink Eyes and Cheeks Colour Cream
Rosefall Colour Swatch

Everglow. You can awaken your facial features in seconds with just a touch of Everglow! Apply it on the high-points of the face and wherever else you want to add some extra light. Use it on the bridge of the nose, underneath the brow bone, top of the cheekbones and above the lips. Get your glow on!

Sand Gold Peach eyes and cheeks colour cream organic makeup

Everglow Eyes & Cheek Color Cream | £36.00

Take a cue from nature and get back to basics with something that is anything but basic. If you’re not a huge natural makeup fan already, The Beauty Archive’s Down to Earth Collection will change your mind for good.

sand gold peach eyes and cheeks colour cream organic vegan makeup
Everglow Colour Swatch

For more information on The Beauty Archive’s range of Organic & Vegan Makeup and to shop The Brand New Down to Earth Collection online now, visit:

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