Getting Personal with Dana Barut: How One Fine Jewellery Brand is Redefining Luxury

In a world where jewellery can sometimes be viewed as an overpriced commodity, Dana Barut is going above and beyond to demonstrate that design and intimacy still reign when it comes to luxury. While large jewellery companies and their chains of stores have popped up all around the world, there are still those designers, like Dana, who are finding ways to cut through the noise, delivering their customers not only creative pieces of fine jewellery, but are doing so with a personal touch, making the whole experience feel like an exchange between old friends rather than just simply an exchange of cold cash.

Dana Barut Jewellery Founder Dana Barut About

Having studied at the Meimad School of Visual Art in Tel-Aviv, Dana immediately got to work designing her first major piece of art – her business. Determined to bring her unique gift for art to the public, she and her friends created a studio/shop in the heart of Israel, that is still open today after nearly twenty years of welcoming customers through its doors. You can find Dana Barut Jewelry in one of the coolest areas of Tel-Aviv, Basel Street, also known as the “Old North.” The shop is surrounded by hip restaurants, cafes, and art shops. Today, Dana works with her business partner and close friend, Orily Pratt, who serves as the business’s strategist, marketing consultant, and online shop manager.

Dana Barut Jewelry Bracelets Gold and Pearl

Like many artists, Dana discovers inspiration in the world around her, drawing from nature and travelling to fuel her active imagination. But it’s her attention to subtleties, like the atmosphere she feels in a book she has read, that sets her luxurious jewellery apart from the crowd. All of her jewellery is completely handmade, materials, like special stones, are sourced from local suppliers and her very own personal certified diamond supplier from Tel-Aviv’s Diamond Exchange. Dana also works with a master diamond setter which allows her to play with both modern and traditional stone settings and designs.

Dana Barut Jewelry Earrings

From moody rings to sentimental earrings, timeless necklaces and a romantic collection of special diamond pieces, Dana Barut reimagines jewellery that we are all familiar with, leaving us with the quieting sense that we’ve finally found a designer that really gets what women want. And while it is strongly encouraged that you take a serious perusal of all of Dana Barut’s beautiful collections, if you had to pick just one to focus your gaze on it would be her Diamonds Special Collection. Comprised of five seriously elegant pieces, including her personal favourite (the extraordinary diamond string necklaces she custom makes, matching hue and shape to fit each customers’ unique character), this collection demonstrates how the intimacy Dana works so tirelessly to maintain translates into physical form, something that is sorrily missed when shopping at large jewellery stores.

14 carat gold and diamonds ring Dana Barut

Dana Barut Jewellery Collection

In need of some shopping inspiration? Here are just a few pieces to give you a taste of why this designer is grabbing attention far beyond her local street in Tel-Aviv.

Diamond Strings Necklace Dana Barut Jewellery

Diamond Strings

From the Dana Barut Diamonds Special Collection, The Diamond Strings have been exquisitely crafted with raw diamonds, these stunningly beautiful necklaces are a signature piece for the designer, demonstrating her ability to work with both restraint and poise. Charming and unique, the diamonds on these necklaces are a natural gift, one which Dana has done well to tame without losing any of their wildness.

Dana Barut Jewellery 14 Carat Gold and Diamonds Ring

14 Carat Gold and Diamonds Ring

The 14 Carat Gold and Diamonds Ring is a simple ring that leaves you staring, this design, which features six small diamonds, crosses borders by lending itself just as easily as an engagement ring as it does a special gift. It’s a timeless treasure that is sure to be handed down throughout generations. Complete the set with the matching earrings and pendant.

14 carat gold and pearl bracelet Dana Barut Jewelry

14 Carat Gold and Pearl Bracelet

The uniqueness of this 14 Carat Gold and Pearl Bracelet comes in the form of its understated beauty. A delicate gold chain connects a simple hand-cut gold disc pendant, which can be customised with an engraving, with a single white pearl. The epitome of feminine, this bracelet goes with everything – and should go with you everywhere.

14 Carat Gold Peridot Earrings Dana Barut Jewellery

14 Carat Gold Peridot Earrings

Known for its subtle, earthy green hue, the peridot in these dangling beauties makes an elegant statement against the classic gold Dana uses to sculpt the unique shape of these earrings. Dress them up, dress them down, either way, you’ll love wearing them!


14 Carat Gold Precious Gemstone Rings

Create your own look with Dana Barut’s range of 14 Carat Gold Precious Gemstone Rings which can be worn on their own or stacked to make a colourful statement. The above stack includes Salmon Labradorite, Garnet, Green Tourmaline and Pink Tourmaline.

Dana Barut Jewellery Gemstone Necklaces

To view more of Dana Barut’s beautiful collections or to inquire about a specific piece, you can visit her Etsy Shop or contact her directly via the Dana Barut Website. And, if you ever happen to stop in Tel-Aviv, be sure to stop by Dana’s shop and allow her to show you around. That same graceful beauty that is apparent in her jewellery is equally apparent, if not more so, in her charming personality. For more information, visit:

Dana Barut Jewelry

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