Go Green with ANFISA Skin, The Beauty Brand Behind Your Best Dewy Skin and Perfect Complexion

While the whole world is going glossy, beauty insiders are looking at the next big trend for natural-looking skin: dewy. Nature’s own version of gloss, dew is organically created when the conditions are just right. And, when it comes to skin, helping it get dewy means taking care of every cell. Creating these optimal conditions for your skin requires using only carefully crafted products that keep fillers, wax, and other unnecessary additives at bay.

In other words, perfect dewy skin is the result of products that aren’t just botanically-based but are intelligent, too. So you want to achieve a perfectly dewy complexion, where do you begin? The answer begins with an A and is definitely your skin’s new best friend.

ANFISA Skin LILOU Regenerating Balm

Meet ANFISA Skin, the green beauty company that loves science as much as they do plants. Aly Korchemniy, the founder of ANFISA Skin, used to have what she described as the opposite of dewy, glowing skin. Having struggled with acne and sensitive skin for much of her life, Aly discovered that many of the ingredients in the skincare products she used actually irritated her skin further, despite their promise to soothe and calm.

Frustrated with the lack of smart, botanically-based products, Aly dove headfirst into the murky waters of the beauty industry, fuelling her research with equal parts plant alchemy and smart science. The result was ANFISA Skin and its singular natural beauty product, LILOU Regenerating Balm, which could easily be rebranded as “Plant Magic for Your Face.”

Founder of ANFISA Skin Aly

Unlike some other luxury beauty and skincare brands, ANFISA Skin is truly guided by Aly’s passion to create natural products that really work. Handcrafted and backed by proven, scientific results, the brand formulates without fillers or wax – two things that are almost staples in the majority of on-the-shelf skincare products. Safe and effective, ANFISA Skin actually works with your skin’s own cells, regenerating and rejuvenating to create a flawless complexion and, yes, that gorgeous dewy look you’ve been craving!

ANFISA Skin Products

The magical LILOU Regenerating Balm is lovingly created by hand, in micro-batches, in the Evergreen State of Washington. Each ingredient sustainably sourced, the formula is 100% proprietary, which means that currently, no other beauty brand on the market is doing what ANFISA does. One of the secrets to the effectiveness of the ANFISA LILOU Regenerating Balm is that the botanical ingredients are supercritical CO2 extracted, and all of the oils are non-GMO and have been cold-pressed for maximum potency.

ANFISA Skin LILOU Regenerating Balm

LILOU Regenerating Balm

And it’s not just ANFISA Skin’s practices that are green – their signature gender-neutral LILOU Regenerating Balm is green, too. Descending from European roots, the name ANFISA means flower. Thus, with a focus on twenty botanical-based ingredients, LILOU Regenerating Balm encompasses the true meaning of ANFISA.

Promising to deliver incredible moisture while rejuvenating skin cells, this silky balm is quite literally a fountain of youth elixir for your face, complete with key ingredients like Green Tea, White Tea, Matcha Tea, Cucumber Seed Oil, and Cucumber Seed Extract.

Add in Pearl Powder for enhanced skin luminosity and Murumuru Butter for incredible softening and soothing, and you have the perfect conditions to create full-on skin dew. So, don’t just sit and wait for optimal skin conditions, create them with ANFISA Skin’s LILOU Regenerating Balm. For more information, visit: anfisaskin.com

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