Going Into the Jungle with Every Woman’s Favourite Resort Brand, Kitten Beachwear

Luxury Beachwear SS21 Animal Print Kaftans Coverups

Somewhere between the realms of practical and downright dreamy you’ll find Kitten Beachwear, the premiere resort brand beloved by stylish jet-setting women for years. And now that the jet-setting will (very soon) be resuming in 2021, we’re more ready than ever for bold designs that shout “I’m going on a vacation!”

Luxury Maxi Kaftan Snake Print

Kaa Tassel Maxi Kaftan in Ocean Python | £130.00

Kitten Beachwear

No surprise, Kitten Beachwear delivers — flawlessly as always. With the brand’s all-new SS21 Collection, Into the Jungle, there’s no shortage of beach-scape and poolside inspiration. With an array of wild animal prints in luxury fabrics to choose from, the only problem you’ll have packing your bags is knowing which gorgeous kaftan to take with you. (Problem solved: You’ll take them all.)

Luxury Beachwear Hot Pink Snake Print Kaftan with Tassels

Kaa Tassel Kaftan in Hot Pink Python | £95.00

Into The Jungle Collection

A Beach to Bar Collection, the wild prints range from reptile to mammal and are both as playful as they are alluring. The Kaa Tassel Kaftan in Hot Pink Python is wonderfully vibrant, a much-needed burst of colour after a dreary 2020. (It is also available in the full Maxi version, which is stunning dressed up for drinks.)

Leopard Print Kaftan Tassels Luxury Beachwear Coverup

Arya Tassel Kaftan in Blue Leopard | £95.00

And if you’re feeling a bit fierce after being in captivity, the Arya Tassel Kaftan and Arya Maxi Tassel Kaftan in Blue Leopard will channel your energy into a more positive endeavour. In the longer version of the Kaa Tassel Kaftan, you can play with the Maxi version in Ocean Python, an unexpected marriage that results in a chic reptilian vibe. The same Ocean Python print is also available in the shorter Kaa Tassel Kaftan, in case your legs are also ready for some well-deserved sunshine.

Turquoise Blue Luxury Kaftan Coverup Snake Print

Kaa Tassel Kaftan in Turquoise Python | £95.00

Animal Print Kaftans

The easiest vacation outfit guaranteed to deliver no matter the occasion, the Arya Tassel Kaftan in Blue Leopard is a serious crowd-pleaser. If you’re looking for something even more vibrant, don’t miss the Turquoise Python design, which is available on the Kaa Tassel Kaftan and the Maxi version.

Luxury Beachwear Snake Print Maxi Kaftan with Tassels

Kaa Maxi Tassel Kaftan in Raspberry Python | £130.00

And just to prove the design’s versatility, you can also find the Kaa Tassel Kaftan and the Kaa Tassel Maxi Kaftan in a luscious Lime Python, a smouldering Orange Python, and a sultry Raspberry Python. Of course, nothing is more classic than the Arya Maxi Tassel Kaftan in Leopard, which is a must-have for any serious getaway.

Luxury Beachwear Maxi Kimono Bloom

Niko Maxi Kimono in Bloom | £55.00

Kimonos and Robes

In addition to its famous kaftans, Kitten Beachwear also has a reputation for designing some of the most luxurious Kimonos and Robes, which are another suitcase staple. Undeniably bold and beautiful, the Niko Maxi Kimono in Bloom delivers on all levels, making it the perfect unexpected outfit for dinner and drinks. (Be sure to pair it with heels for the ultimate oomph-factor.)

Luxury Beachwear Maxi Kimono Black Palm

Niko Maxi Kimono in Black Palm | £45.00

Slightly more subdued but just as sexy, the Niko Maxi Kimono in Black Palm will help you seamlessly float from poolside to bar-side. And if you’re feeling a bit less edgy and ready for some romance, the Niko Maxi Kimono in Pink Blush Paisley checks all of your boxes. Proof of the genius behind Kitten Beachwear, the Niko Maxi Kimono in Montego takes the same proven design and transforms it with an ombre-esque design that is beyond chic.

Luxury Beach Coverup Japanese Style Maxi Kimono

Niko Maxi Kimono in Montego | £105.00

And just when you thought you couldn’t love Kitten Beachwear any more, here’s proof that you can: The Hebe Maxi Tassel Kaftan. Bright and beautiful with a cut that flatters every curve, it’s just one more reason why you can’t be ready for your next trip until you have several Kitten Beachwear designs ready to go.

Luxury Beachwear Maxi Kaftan Tassels

Hebe Maxi Tassel Kaftan | £130.00

Free UK Shipping on orders over £100 and Klarna payments now accepted. To view the full Kitten Beachwear SS21 Collection online, visit: kittenbeachwear.com

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