Do Good Things For Your Body With Nádúrtha’s Organic & Toxin Free Deodorant Creme Stick

If you are passionate about leading a healthy and natural life, Nádúrtha is a luxurious skincare company you should know about. Passionate about sharing their product with “Every.Body” Nádúrtha’s Organic & Toxin Free Deodorant Creme Stick is suitable for both men and women and is safe to use on pre-teens and during pregnancy. Maybe you’re already using natural deodorants. If so, you’ll definitely appreciate Nádúrtha’s Free-ODORANT®, and if you’re wanting to ‘make the switch’ this is the brand to give it a go, your underarms will thank you for it and you’ll never look back!

Verity Wallace, the founder of Nádúrtha, created Free-ODORANT® because she made the choice to eradicate all toxins from her daily life once she had children. The reality of her responsibilities to keep her children healthy and well set in. She knew she had to be their leading example of how to live a healthy, natural and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Nadurtha Free-ODORANT Creme Stick

After eight years of being a stay at home mum, Verity felt inspired to return to work but wanted to do something that stimulated her creativity. She was already making her own personal skincare at the time and decided to choose one of the products she was making to sell and share with others. Deodorant it was! Verity chose deodorant as she knew that many people were having difficulty finding one that worked for them and didn’t irritate their skin.

Verity told us in our exclusive interview with her that whilst growing up she was always making things. She said, “I just always loved creating stuff and still do! I love creating objects to use and display in my home and creating my own luxe skincare range is an extension of that.” Verity wants to be a driver and contributor in the shift towards the use of natural and organic skin care because she believes people need a choice. She wants to offer an alternative to conventional products and provide a safer option for everyone.

Nadurtha Free-ODORANT Creme Stick Unisex Natural Deodorant

Handcrafted in Tannum Sands, a small coastal town in Central Queensland, the ingredients in Free-ODORANT® are natural and certified organic and are sourced from Australian suppliers who share the same commitment to using sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients as Nádúrtha. Its main ingredients are nourishing Shea Butter and Virgin Coconut Oil which will soothe your skin and leave it silky soft. The product’s special little ingredient is certified organic tapioca starch which aids in absorbing moisture naturally!

Nádúrtha believes what we put on our skin should be as healthy as the food we eat. Free-ODORANT® goes on smoothly and rubs in clear. It is a solid stick, but when you apply it to your skin it has a slightly creamy consistency. Once applied, simply give your arms a little rub against your body to work it in. It is pH-balanced and non-irritating, so your body will love it! As it is highly concentrated, you will only need to apply a small amount to your skin for it to work and since it is completely natural, you can expect that in cooler temperatures, the stick will harden a bit and soften slightly in the warmer temperatures.

Nadurtha Organic & Toxin Free Deodorant Creme Stick

Nádúrtha’s choice of scents are subtle, created from only pure certified organic essential oils, so both women or men can use Free-ODORANT®. There is a Citrus scent blend that will awaken the senses and lift your mood with refreshing Lemon Myrtle blended with Sweet Orange, Lavender, and Rose Geranium. The second scent, Spearmint, will alleviate stress and anxiety and invoke a positive mood with cooling Spearmint, calming Lavender, and Sweet Orange. Not a fan of scents? Nádúrtha also offers an Unscented stick which is also suitable for those with sensitive skin, realising that some people are even sensitive to essential oils, for those people this is a godsend. Nádúrtha also have fresh new scents coming soon!

Nadurtha Free-ODORANT Natural Creme Stick Deodorant

What we found so interesting is that since our bodies have become so used to unnatural deodorants, for some people there can be an adjustment period of a couple of weeks or so for the body to detoxify and switch over to a more natural product. Although very rare, an individual may get a little whiff of odour or experience some irritation to start with, but it’s most likely the toxins being released from your body so don’t give up on Nádúrtha’s Free-ODORANT®, its effectiveness is proven. Plus, did you know that wearing a natural deodorant over time may actually make you sweat less? Yes, please.

Your body will thank you if you make the switch to Nádúrtha’s amazing natural and organic Free-ODORANT®. Say “goodbye” to applying toxic chemicals directly to your body and say “hello” to a fresher, healthier, toxin-free you!

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