The Grey Works: Contemporary French Style Furniture And Decor For Your Home

Alexa Console Table French Grey

We are all guilty of spending hours online, scrolling, pinning, and liking image after image of stunning homes. But, look around our own home, and there’s a lot left to desire. Liking great style is easy, but creating it for yourself is far more difficult. This is exactly why it’s time to discover The Grey Works, the contemporary French style British design company founded in 2012 by the talented, fashion-minded Rebecca Rowles-Davies.

What began as a self-proclaimed “tabletop” business by Rebecca has quickly turned into something much bigger thanks to her intelligent eye for design, which was in part crafted during her in-depth experience in the fashion world. (Rebecca studied fashion before entering careers in Retail Management and Fashion Retail Recruitment). Currently based in West Sussex with her husband and family, Rebecca also offers an appointment-only showroom, in addition to her growing selection of goods available to purchase online, where customers can view items in situ and get advice on interior design and styling.

Dining Table and Console The Grey Works Furniture

Among some of her most popular pieces is her staple French Grey Painted Furniture and vintage selection of accessories, which include everything from lamp bases to distressed mirrors. Each product carried by The Grey Works, from large furniture like console tables and Victoria cupboards down to gorgeous golden wine stoppers, has been hand-selected by Rebecca, specifically designed to help make your home feel warm, inviting, and just as attractive as all of those pictures we fawn over online.

And, because we know you love to scroll, below you’ll find a selection of our favourite products from The Grey Works, all of which are just a click away from your front door.

The Grey Works Furniture

Finding the right piece of accent furniture makes all the difference in your home. When you are looking for something with substance that can stay in your home for years to come, The Grey Works selection is unbeatable. So much so that the enviable Alexa Console Table (featured above) recently graced the pages of Vogue. From bedside tables to desks and dining room tables and seating, each piece in The Grey Works Furniture Collection will help to take your space from house to home, whether you rent or own.

Lauren Rustic French Style Console Table The Grey Works

With its simple rustic design, the Lauren Rustic French Style Console with a natural wood finish above makes the perfect addition to any home. Easily adapted to your personal style, make this gorgeous table your own by adding a unique selection of items like books, flowers, and ornaments. Rebecca styles hers with a fur throw and a statement lamp.

The Alexa Console Table in the main feature image above is a show-stopping piece that you, and anyone who visits your home, will fall in love with. Featuring carved wood details to set it apart and painted in The Grey Works signature French Grey, it boasts large drawers and a graceful silhouette that is just begging to be placed in your hallway.

The Grey Works Decorative Accessories

The trouble with interior decoration is that it can be difficult making it look effortless. Try as we might, so many decorative accents end up feeling out of place or at war with other style elements in our home. Thankfully, The Grey Works finally has a solution for us, offering decorative pieces that will easily (and seamlessly) add style to your home.

The Grey Works Glass Dome

Crafted with recycled clear glass and featuring a sustainable mango wood bottom, The Grey Works Glass Domes, pictured above, come in four sizes and will instantly elevate the style of any room. Each handmade with care and attention, they’re the secret to taking everyday objects and turning them into conversation-worthy treasures.

The Grey Works Lighting

Any designer will be quick to tell you that lighting is essential when it comes to making your home feel welcoming and look beautiful. Stay away from harsh overhead lighting by adding beautiful lighting fixtures from The Grey Works stunning Lighting Collection.

The Charlotte Lamp below is hand-carved and finished with a distressed French grey. Its robust centre makes it feel extra cosy, adding the warmth you want to any secret corners in your home. Consider using it on bedside tables, consoles, and office desks.

Charlotte Lamp Base and Shade Grey Wash The Grey Works

We also love The Seraphina pictured above with the Lauren Console, the base of this gorgeous lamp is crafted from hand-carved wood, making it feel like it has a story to tell. Painted in the signature distressed grey The Grey Works is known for, the rectangular shade gives The Seraphina Lamp a unique silhouette that fits neatly against walls.

The Grey Works Dining Candles

Any evening becomes special when you add candles. Prepare for romantic and inviting moments with luxury handmade candles and holders from The Grey Works that feel just right whether standing tall on your dining table or resting on top of your mantlepiece.

Ester and Erik Candles

Handmade in Denmark, these elegant tapered candles make a statement even when they aren’t lit. Ester & Erik candles are designed to be drip-free so long as you keep them away from any uncomfortable draughts. And from the same company that makes these gorgeous candles, chrome candle Holders, available from The Grey Works add a simple yet elegant touch, making them the perfect companion. It’s a match made in heaven.

Willow Round Mirror Grey Distressed The Grey Works

The Grey Works Mirrors

A well-placed mirror can transform any room, captivating the eye and making small spaces feel larger. But, not just any mirror can create the type of magic you see in pictures. In order to get the effect you want, you must select the perfect mirror. The two Grey Works mirrors featured here are a great place to start.

The Willow pictured above looks stunning taking pride of place over a fireplace. Whilst the fabulous Ella paned mirror below is guaranteed to work its magic in any room of your home whether leaned against a wall or hung landscape. The beautiful wood is distressed with a cream French style finish allowing it to integrate seamlessly with almost any style.

Ella Mirror cream Distressed The Grey Works

If you haven’t realised it yet, the signature distressed grey featured in many of The Grey Works favourite pieces is exactly what is missing from your home. The neutral warmth of the finish elevates your personal style, this beautiful round mirror being no different. Majestic in design, this mirror would look equally great in entryways and powder rooms.

Primed to become an industry staple, The Grey Works and its founder already have their eyes on what’s next. With plans now firmly in place for their first retail shop opening on 19 The Broadway, Hayward’s Heath, West Sussex in early 2018, these are exciting times ahead. When asked what future aspirations she has for her brand, Rebecca simply responded, “To be an ever-evolving lifestyle brand.” – Just one look at her current accomplishments and we have no doubt that The Grey Works is here to stay.

The Grey Works offers worldwide delivery, currently shipping to 50 destinations. To view the full collection and shop online, visit:

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