Heist Studios; The Cult Tights You Need for Spring (And the Rest of Your Life)

Heist Studios Luxury Tights
Forward Thinking Tights – Sizes 4-24

Of all of the things you would expect to be buzz worthy in the world of style, tights might be the last on your list. The dreaded pair of tights often comes complete with discomfort, constant adjustment, and irritation. On the rare occasion tights crop up in conversation, they’re typically subject to an onslaught of complaints and criticisms. So, when talk of Heist Studios, a brand on a mission to change the future of female underwear, began buzzing, the world stopped and listened.

Heist Studios Tights
The Fifty – Opaque, Breathable, Bestselling

Women are feeling compelled to publicly rave about how incredible these tights are. So, what exactly makes Heist so special? Unlike the dreaded tights of your past, Heist tights don’t fall down. They also don’t dig in uncomfortably at your waist. And, they don’t itch the backs of your thighs. They are basically the opposite of everything you’ve ever hated about your tights. (Yes, ladies, this is not a drill.)

Heist Studios Luxury Comfortable Tights

The Eighty – Jet Black, Unrivalled Warmth, Even Coverage

Are they really worth all the hype? Officially the brand everyone’s talking about, from Vogue editors to celebrities to A-list stylists, even women who once were “tight phobes,” Heist Studios is onto something, and we’re paying attention. The secret weapon behind all of your favourite outfits, Heist’s tights are destined to become the staple in your wardrobe, for spring and beyond.

The Thirty Heist Studios Luxury Tights

The Thirty – Sheer, 30 Denier, Evening Ready

With options that allow you to choose from High or Low waistbands, Heist tights really do feel luxe. Of course, the perfect pair of tights didn’t happen overnight. Heist is the result of a year-long mission that followed 67 women of all shapes and sizes, tracking their every tights-covered step in order to innovate a better way to make, and wear, tights. Now the go-to tights brand for women around the world, Heist really is worthy of the buzz.

The Fifty – Innovative, Luxurious, Weightless

Although spring is officially here, there are still plenty of occasions for tights. Both The Thirty and The Nude options in Heist’s product line offer the perfect amount of light coverage for this season’s favourite outfits. Need something more opaque? The Fifty and The Eighty are at your service. Whichever pair you try, you can take advantage of Heist’s #FirstPairPromise, which allows you to find the perfect size and colour without any risk.

Nude Tights Heist Studios

The Nude – 18 Denier, Near Invisibility, Year-Round Staple & Wedding Season Must-Have

And, the news gets even better you can shop the entire Heist line online and, yes, they ship worldwide, so, wherever you are, you can get your hands (or legs) on these cult tights. For more information, visit: heist-studios.com

Heist Studios Luxury Tights

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