HNA Jewellery Handcrafted Pieces Inspired By A Love Of Literature

What would Shakespeare have given his wife or his mother for her birthday or special occasion? While tempted to write a sonnet, of course, chances are his resources were limited, especially considering that getting online and ordering the perfect gift would still be four centuries and several decades later. But, had Shakespeare the ability to seek out just the right gift, there’s a good chance that his eye may have fallen on something out of HNA’s newest collection of handmade jewellery, not coincidentally named “The Bard.”

Helen Naylor Owner of HNA Jewellery

Haven’t heard of HNA Jewellery? Not to worry. As an up-and-coming brand created by designer Helen Naylor, not many people have. At least, not many people have yet.

As a former English teacher, Helen started her pursuit of making jewellery as a simple hobby, taking a few classes here and there. After picking up enough knowledge in the basics of jewellery making, Helen began crafting pieces, which include rings, bangles, and pendants, and more, out of silver and gold. This was the beginning of HNA Jewellery.

After receiving requests for her jewellery, Helen realised that her designs were something that needed to be shared with more people, not just among her friends and family.

Macbeth Ring HNA Jewellery Ruby 9ct Gold

‘Macbeth’ Ring | £295.00

Constantly adding more beautiful designs to her brand, Helen’s collection, “The Bard,” focuses on creating timeless pieces, all of which are inspired by the timelessness quality of Shakespeare’s unforgettable lines in his plays and sonnets. Boldly using both metals, silver and gold, in each of her pieces, jewellery from “The Bard” features a variety of gemstones and comes with “a matching quotation from the play it is based on,” which, with her credentials as an English teacher, is something that Helen picks herself.

The Bard Limited Edition

Below are three of our favourite pieces from HNA Jewellery’s “The Bard” Collection.

HNA Jewellery The Tempest Pendant Opal Silver

‘The Tempest’ Pendant | £295.00

An incredibly striking and bold pendant, ‘The Tempest’ features a stunning boulder opal set in sterling silver. Accented with hints of 9-carat gold on both the bail and the side of the setting, this pendant is made to look just like a storm raging inside the setting.

The Tempest Ring HNA Jewellery Opal Spinel Gold

‘The Tempest’ Ring | £355.00

A limited edition statement ring that manages to maintain its timeless nature, ‘The Tempest’ ring is crafted with both sterling silver and 9-carat gold. Featuring opals in order to provide a “flash of lightning” against the “murky depths” of the grey spinel stone, this ring evokes the colours and mood of a perfectly stormy ocean. This ring, the first piece designed for the collection, also happens to be a personal favourite of Helen’s.

Anthony and Cleopatra Bangles HNA Jewellery silver gold semi precious gemstones

‘Anthony and Cleopatra’ Bangles | £110.00

Inspired by Roman armour, these go-with-everything bangles are created with interlocking pieces of silver and 9-carat gold discs. Using a variety of semi-precious gemstones including ruby and emerald, you will feel the vibrancy and power of the Roman Empire and the Egyptians every time you dare to wear one (or three) of these bangles.

So while Shakespeare might have missed out on his opportunity to own a ring or bangle from HNA Jewellery, the good news is that you haven’t. Investing in a timeless handcrafted piece of jewellery that you’ll wear for decades to come? That’s exactly something The Bard himself would have done. To find out more and shop online, visit: 

HNA Jewellery Exquisitely Handmade Jewellery

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