Immortelle Skin Care; The Botanical Beauty Brand Focused on Slow Living and Sustainability

The idea of slowing down sounds wonderful, even luxurious. But actually finding a reason tempting enough to pull us out of our day-to-day busyness is difficult. Not only do we like moving quickly from one thing to the next, but we feel like everyone else is encouraging us to #getstuffdone – constantly. But, every now and again, we can find a reason to stop and smell the roses. Yes, sometimes that thing really is a literal rose, but more often it’s something decadent – like a perfectly brewed cup of tea, a page-turning guilty-pleasure read, or an intoxicating self-care ritual. Immortelle Skin Care, the Australian botanical beauty brand everyone will soon be buzzing about, fits into the latter category.

Immortelle Skincare Hibiscus and Rose Petal Facial Polish

Lailan Morris, the founder of the company and a holistic therapist, says that her mission is “to inspire you to slow down from the busyness of your day and take the time to reconnect with yourself.” Whether you opt for a stress-reducing soak in the tub, a mindful yoga session, or simply incorporate a slower-paced skincare routine into your day that tends to your soul as much as your pores, Immortelle Skin Care is just the ticket.

Skincare brand promotes slow living and sustainability

The product range at Immortelle Skin Care, which features “luxurious nutrient-dense skin treatments for a healthy and glowing complexion”, focuses on reducing inflammation and visible signs of aging. Aware of the healing properties of plant oils, Lailan infuses her products with powerful botanicals to help counteract the negative effects of environmental factors on our skin. A refuge from toxic chemicals so often found in beauty brands, especially those that are mass-produced, Immortelle Skin Care is environmentally conscious, putting the planet and its customers first by demanding organic ingredients that promote sustainability.

Immortelle Skincare Desert Rose Dry Body Oil

But it’s not just what goes into Immortelle Skin Care products that makes the brand different; it’s why. Lailan, who has prioritised a natural lifestyle after facing a health challenge herself, believes that living slowly and sustainably is “so necessary for emotional and physical balance.” She goes on to say, “My yoga studies taught me that our bodies love gentleness, and I see caring for your skin as a nurturing and gentle thing to do. I make products that smell and feel delicious so that your skincare ritual can become something beautiful that you enjoy doing for yourself.”

Immortelle Skincare Spring Flowers Plant Based Botanical Beauty

Two of the newest products to be released by Immortelle Skin Care, a Beauty Balm and a Glow Serum, use Maqui Berry Oil as the main ingredient, which is arguably the world’s most potent fruit antioxidant. Crafted from a blend of nourishing natural ingredients the Maqui Berry Beauty Balm includes crushed pearls which contain a compound that promotes healthy collagen production. Ideal for dehydrated skin, this balm cultivates naturally radiant and healthy skin by replenishing moisture and stimulating collagen.

Immortelle Skin Care Maqui Berry Beauty Balm

Another beauty shelf must-have, the Maqui + Prickly Pear Glow Serum is a beautiful facial oil blend, containing “one of the rarest beauty oils in the world” that is intensely hydrating and can be used morning and evening for supple, hydrated, and luminous skin.

Maqui Prickly Pear Glow-Serum Immortelle Skincare

And, while luxury-based self-care is an attainable goal for many, Lailan is aware that it’s not within reach for many girls and women around the world. As such, each purchase from the Immortelle Skin Care collection helps to directly fund the brand’s partnership with the Change for Women Collective and Girl Up. For more information and to shop the Immortelle Skin Care range online, visit:

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  1. Great article! I’ve been using the Immortelle Skin Care range for a year now and you’re right – because they feel and smell so divine, every single time I use them it’s a slow-down, breathe-deep moment of decadence. LOVE!