The Intricacy of Simplicity: Exploring the Stunning Jewellery of Artist Roz Buehrlen

Step outside into nature and take a moment to look around. But don’t just stop at the obvious items you can name like trees or leaves, dive deeper and begin to notice the patterns, shapes, and intricacy of all that surrounds you. This type of beauty so often goes under the radar, each of us too busy to stop and really notice the extraordinary workmanship behind each and every thing, even what we deem to be the most ordinary. This seamless blending, the intricate in the simple, the complex in the ordinary, is something artist and jewellery designer Roz Buehrlen has appreciated her entire life.


Growing up calling many different countries home, Roz was influenced by places like India and Kuwait, where she played on her school’s playground watching dolphins frolic in the Arabian Gulf. Recognising the beauty in life, even in the vastness of the desert with its lizards traipsing across a sandy landscape, Roz was destined for the life of an artist.

Upon returning to the UK to study at Camberwell College of Arts in London and then spending time in a bronze foundry in Suffolk under the brilliantly talented Laurence Edwards, Roz fell in love with the art of sculpting and casting, skills she uses today in her stunning eponymous line of fine jewellery.

Roz Buehrlen Jewellery Designer

By going back to some of the forgotten roots of jewellery making, Roz’s collections exhibit a timeless quality, making them instant classics that look like they could have been passed down for generations. The playful nature, however, of some of her carvings, like the striped lighthouses or the blue skulls that grace some of the pieces in her collections, make each bracelet, ring, necklace or set of earrings feel fresh and youthful.

The designs themselves are also fresh, such as the drop pendant necklaces, stacking rings, and, torc necklaces and bangles, which feel both elegant and simple, Roz obviously taking note of the infusion of intricacy and simplicity that nature does so well.

Swallow Torc Bangle Roz Buehrlen

The Roz Buehrlen Jewellery Swallows Collection

Of all the Roz Buehrlen Jewellery collections, one of the most charming and our favourite is the Swallows Collection, which features a beautiful casting of one of Roz’s hand-carved birds with pieces in gold and silver. The swallow surrounds much sailor myth and folklore, which is why you see them so frequently on sailors in the form of tattoos, they are also recognised as a symbol of freedom and love as swallows mate for life.

Swallow and Key Necklace Roz Buehrlen Jewellery

Swallow and Key Necklace | £215.00

The dramatic length created in this adjustable Lariat style Swallow and Key Necklace is designed to depict a swopping swallow making its way to the heart’s key that dangles delicately below. It’s an irresistible and charming necklace that you won’t want to take off. Pictured with the Swallow Torc Bangle an adjustable bangle, which features two silver-plated swallows that appear to be flying towards each other, makes an elegant statement. And the Statement Swallow Ring all are created with hallmarked rhodium plated silver.

Swallow And Flower Earrings Roz Buehrlen Jewellery

Swallow and Flower Earrings | £160.00

The Swallow and Flower Earrings, pictured above in rhodium-plated silver, can be worn in two ways: as drop earrings with a gorgeous black agate stone or with the addition of the hand-carved swallow flying below. Either way, these unique earrings are destined to create a sophisticated, striking statement. Pictured with the Swallow Pendant, a symbol of hope, love, and freedom, the swallow charm on this pretty necklace stays close to your heart, making it a piece of jewellery that is simultaneously simple and significant.

Gold Cab Stack Ring Roz Buehrlen Jewellery

Gold Cab Stack Ring | £80.00

Compliment every piece of Roz Buehrlen jewellery or your current favourite pieces with this simple 18ct gold plated Cab Stack Ring. Clean and feminine, a closer look reveals a delicate black spinel cabochon stone in a rub over setting, allowing it to transition between your elegant evening and casual everyday looks. Wear alone or stacked.

Each piece of Roz Buehrlen jewellery features a distinct yet indescribable beauty, effortlessly balancing the complex nature of design with chic simplicity. Investing in any piece from Roz’s stunning collections is an investment in art, one that can be worn every day as a reminder of universal beauty, including, of course, your own. To view all of the Roz Buehrlen Jewellery Collections and shop the range online, visit:

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