Introducing Sydney Based Men’s Jewellery Designer Albert Tse Metalsmith

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If you ask Albert Tse what men really want, he’ll, not surprisingly considering his business, reply “jewellery”. However, when it comes to buying jewellery and accessories for men, the idea doesn’t cross most people’s minds, and probably because the jewellery market was long-ago designated a ‘female domain’. But, just as many fashion brands are starting to realise when given a choice, men really do want to be discerning about what they wear, and once they take a look at the stunning pieces crafted by Albert Tse, their minds will quickly be converted. Yes, men can – and should – wear jewellery.

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Of course, there’s a difference between jewellery and accessories that have been mass-produced and those that have been painstakingly shaped by hand. Ask any woman and she’ll quickly be able to tell you that the latter is always preferred. Now, thanks to Albert Tse Metalsmith Jewellery, men are also getting educated about what fine jewellery really looks like. Want to deepen your knowledge about what fine unisex jewellery is all about? Studying Albert Tse’s craft isn’t just a great place to start – it’s THE place to start!

Albert Tse Metalsmith

An award-winning jewellery designer from Australia, Albert Tse cut his teeth in the business by studying at the world-renowned school, Alchimia, based in Florence, Italy. Here, Albert learned the art of using traditional jewellery making practices to create each of his pieces by hand. Brimming with contemporary design ideas and the talent to tell stories through his hands, Albert Tse’s work is unlike any other. And it’s getting noticed.Men's Signet Ring with Map of Sydney

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Men’s Silver & Gold Jewellery

In 2017, just three years after he launched his eponymous brand, Albert Tse Metalsmith took home the top award in men’s jewellery and accessories at the International Jewellery Fair in Sydney. Known for bold unisex pieces that combat the blandness and predictability of most male-oriented brands, Albert Tse’s work is simultaneously rugged and refined.Men's Cufflinks with Map of Sydney

Memento Sydney Cufflinks

Adventure Inspired Designs

As a child, Albert dreamt of exploring the world as an adventurer, working on archaeology sites to uncover ancient treasures. This desire to discover beauty buried beneath the surface is a theme that can be found in each of his three collections. Currently, there are three to delve into – Wanderer, Eon and Memento. All crafted by Albert in a space he shares with other creatives, the artist is showing the true art of artisan jewellery and converting all who didn’t believe accessories were “right” for them.Men's Signet Ring with Map of Australia

Memento Australia Signet Ring

The Collections

In the Wanderer Collection, you’ll find adventure-inspired rings, collar stiffeners, and cufflinks that are reminiscent of ancient cobblestone paths. In the Eon Collection, sand cast pendants, cufflinks, and rings look like they’ve just been unearthed after centuries beneath the ground. In the Memento Collection, you’ll start to understand the gift Albert has for storytelling, as each of the pieces, which includes cufflinks and signet-style rings, pays homage to Albert’s personal story, using topographical maps of locations like Sydney and Australia to create one-of-a-kind, treasure-forever pieces.

Men's Cufflinks with Map of England

Memento England Cufflinks

Bespoke Pieces

Want to tell your own story? Albert is now accepting orders for custom Memento cufflinks, allowing you to choose a place that’s important to you and your story. You can also commission Albert to craft a completely bespoke piece just for you or for a gift.

To keep up-to-date on all the latest news and jewellery designs, you can follow Albert Tse Metalsmith on Instagram @alberttsemetalsmith

For more information and to shop the collections online, visit:

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