Is Seaweed the Secret to Naturally Beautiful Skin? Maiiro Says Yes

Good things take time. By now, you should know that. Of course, having the patience for those “good things” is another story. Thankfully, Katy Rowe, the founder of Maiiro, understands this. Created in 2017, the skincare brand, which is known for its super-effective Anti-Blemish Cream, didn’t officially launch until last summer (June 2019). Harnessing the power of the ocean, specifically the unbelievably powerful magic of seaweed, Maiiro’s products have literally been years (even decades) in the making.

Seaweed Natural Organic Skincare

Inspired by the abundance and beauty of the sea, Katy pivoted from her past life as an accountant to the world of natural skincare for one main reason: Healing her own skin. In the process, she developed a line of safe (non-synthetic) products capable of performing a variety of miracles, including erasing blemishes, reducing inflammation, and smoothing complexion.

Maiiro Natural Skincare

So, how exactly did she achieve this? Katy was lucky to have her grandmother as a guide. “My Gran used to take me down to the beach to collect seaweed and mill it into very fine particles”, says Katy. Once it was collected, her grandmother would add a little olive oil and use that on her skin, which, says Katy, “was flawless until the day she died”.

Seaweed Skincare

Maiiro Seaweed Skincare

Not afraid of taking its time when it comes to developing a product range, Maiiro currently offers four sea-crafted skincare products: Anti-Ageing Cream, Anti-Blemish Cream, Seaweed Soap, and Lip Salve. The goal of each Maiiro product is to enhance your natural beauty by harnessing nature’s own beauty. As a result, loyal Maiiro customers see a drastic improvement with conditions like dry skin, acne, and blemishes, as well as enjoying the added benefits of preventing wrinkles and aiding sun-damaged skin.

Maiiro Beauty Shortlist Editors Choice Award Winners 2020

But, while all Maiiro products are definitely something you should write home to your mum about, one, in particular, has the whole beauty world buzzing. The almost instantly famous Maiiro Anti-Blemish Cream is the perfect example of just how powerful Maiiro’s ingredients are. Crafted with the “secret” Kelpogen5™ formula, this cream utilises the power of five types of seaweed, each packed with vitamins A, B, C, and E, minerals like zinc and magnesium, and antioxidants, to produce incredible (and visible) results.

Anti Blemish Cream Natural Organic Seaweed

Ideal for troubled and blemish-prone skin, the special formula is lightweight and fragrance-free. Instantly capable of hydrating and soothing irritated skin, Maiiro’s Anti-Blemish Cream promotes natural healing while simultaneously restoring balance.

Anti Blemish Cream

Katy’s favourite product, however, is the Maiiro Organic Lip Salve. Not only does it make lips ultra-soft, but it was designed specifically to not have any taste or aroma. (The fact that the dispenser is chic is just an added bonus.)

Organic Lip Salve Seaweed Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter

As Maiiro grows, its commitment to protecting the oceans where its products originate from does too. Sustainable, organic, vegan, and almost plastic-free (a huge feat in the beauty world!), Maiiro’s product packaging is 100% recyclable. Some of its creative packaging is even made from seaweed! And these credentials certainly haven’t gone unnoticed, as Maiiro has just been named as a winner of the Editors Choice Award in the 2020 Beauty Shortlist & Wellbeing Awards which is judged by industry experts.

Maiiro Seaweed Soap

When asked about the future of Maiiro, Katy said that it’s her goal to have “the highest organic content as possible, to be as vegan and sustainable as possible, and to use as little plastic as possible”. And, if that wasn’t enough, she goes on to say that she wants to “expand on our existing range of products, create a collection for men, and continue to highlight the plastic pollution problem”. That means that Maiiro isn’t just a brand you can crush-on now — it’s one you can develop a relationship with for years to come.

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