KARO Swimwear’s Stand Out Collection, Instant Reprieve from Bikini & Beach Boredom

While sitting on a beach one day, Kasia Roginska, founder of KARO Swimwear, realised that nearly every woman was wearing the exact same type of swimsuit. A side effect of mass-produced swimwear, Kasia decided to put an end to the monotony, by using her sewing skills and fashion know-how to create a line of luxurious handmade swimsuits.

KARO Swimwear Mathieu Jean Artist Collection

Karo Swimwear

Designed for women wanting something a little different, KARO Swimwear has since been seen on international models and featured in the pages of many well-known publications including Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan, to name but a few!

Growing up in Poland, Kasia spent time watching her father create outfits for her mother. Mesmerised by the process, she would collect scraps of fabric and design clothes for her dolls. Seeing his daughter’s affinity for fashion, Kasia’s father began to teach her how to sew. When she was old enough, Kasia attended fashion school in Kraków, perfecting her craft in preparation for her future with KARO Swimwear, although she didn’t realise it yet.

KARO Swimwear Scarlet Bikini

Affordable Luxury Swimwear

After emigrating to the United States, Kasia, began working as a dental assistant and some years later went on to become a Registered Dental Hygienist, but she never completely lost her interest in sewing. Upon losing her father, Kasia returned to Poland for a short time. While there, she found her father’s old sewing machine and reclaimed her passion for design, Kasia began sewing, creating her first swimsuit by hand nearly five years ago.

That first swimsuit catapulted her and KARO Swimwear to success. And she hasn’t stopped designing since. The impressive KARO Swimwear Collection features a stunning selection of Bikinis, Swimsuits, Wraps and Sarongs, and even Men’s Swim Trunks.

KARO Swimwear Scarlet Bikini

KARO Swimwear Collections

With the release of her latest collections, Kasia is proving that she has what it takes to not just be successful but to be the go-to antidote for bikini and beach boredom. Here is a quick overview and our must-have pieces, including bustier-style swimsuits, artist print swimwear, and sporty bikinis that will make you look smokin’ hot this summer!

KARO Swimwear Mathieu Jean Artist Collaboration Tread Lightly One Piece Swimsuit

Mathieu Jean by KARO Swimwear

The latest artist collaboration with Mathieu Jean features one-of-a-kind designs that will instantly become the poolside highlight. Other notable pieces are the Deep Breath One-Piece, featuring a plunging neckline, racer-style back, and marine-inspired artwork.

Kasia’s favourite, the Tread Lightly One-Piece, features a bustier-style top and low open back. Its pastel artwork is so stunning you’ll be tempted to keep it in wardrobe rotation, even when there’s no water in sight. Another stunner from this artist’s collection is the Scarlet Bikini – who can resist that coy smile on the back of the low-cut briefs?

KARO Swimwear Flip It Laced Orange Mint Bikini

Flip It Laced by KARO Swimwear

Among our favourite collections released for this season, it’s hard to resist the Flip It Laced Reversible Bikinis. Not only do they give you a choice of fabulous colour options and the ability to mix-and-match, but the tie-up design is both sexy and distinctive.

The turquoise & pink reversible option follows a more classic bikini look, while the yellow & orange offers an athletic silhouette with higher waist bottoms. But it’s the fun orange & mint combo, pictured above, that’s really hard to take your eyes off of – The combination of the high-neck halter top and low rise bikini bottoms striking the perfect balance.

Sheer Sensation White Velvet Two Piece Bikini KARO Swimwear

Sheer Sensations Velvet Swimwear

And if it’s all-out sexy you’re after this season, The Sheer Sensations Collection will not disappoint. Designed with the same features that you love about your favourite lingerie, these seductive swimsuits like the Hot Pink Velvet One Piece and the White Velvet Two-Piece (pictured above), will tempt you to keep them on long after you leave the beach.

Kasia’s personal favourite, and likely to be yours too, from this flirty swimwear collection is the Royal Blue Velvet Bustier One Piece. A sumptuous shade, the piping is intricate and slimming, the velvet soft against your skin, but, it’s the corset-style top that really has us daydreaming about which beach will be lucky enough to welcome this beauty ashore!

For more information and to shop all of the collections, visit: karoswimwear.com

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