Kepaza, the Norwegian Luxury Women’s Fashion Brand Wanting You to Find Your Happy

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Whether or not you paid attention in your geometry lessons years ago is of zero importance. However, paying attention to the geometric shapes used to create the collections at Kepaza is something you’ll actually want to study. Playful, happy, and begging to be worn, this Norwegian fashion brand for women, the brainchild of designer Pernille Fristad, is popping up everywhere, including three incredible shows at New York Fashion Week. And, while the designs themselves will spark your interest, learning more about the brand is guaranteed to take you from admirer status to all-in fangirl.

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Not only is every Kepaza collection produced in limited runs (to guarantee high standards and superior quality from start to finish), but every swoon-worthy print is made in-house, which means that any piece from Kepaza’s collections is unique, original, and worthy of prime real estate in your closet. And, if that’s not enough to make you fall hard for Norway’s newest darling, this is: Kepaza clothes are crafted sustainably and consciously in Kaunas, Lithuania, creating new jobs in places of need around Europe while also shortening the distance from manufacturer to distributor.

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The visionary behind Kepaza is more than just a brilliant businesswoman, although she is definitely that. Pernille Fristad graduated from the Esmod Fashion School in Oslo, earning the prestigious “Golden Needle” award before moving on to coveted internships with designers in both Oslo and Los Angeles. A stylist and blogger, Fristad understands her brand from every angle – and, more importantly, she knows how to make those angles look good. Oh, and did we mention that she’s a movie producer, too?

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Known for colourful clothes that manage to be playful while still retaining a powerful edge, Fristad knew that she was destined for the world of fashion when she was just a young girl. Her path to success, although far from straight and narrow, was focused and determined. Kepaza started as a side project when Fristad was just nineteen. But, of course, this type of brilliance couldn’t be kept on the side for long, which is why just three years later Kepaza blossomed into a full-time, full-fledged business and design studio.

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A self-proclaimed dreamer and optimist, Fristad infuses every Kepaza collection with the intention of making the world “a happier place”. In her latest collection, Under the Umbrella, Fristad used her fascination with how women dress “under an umbrella”, creating prints with an artist (Sirenes) that are reminiscent of raindrops trickling down surfaces, including clothes. In this collection you’ll find more than just pieces you’ll love – you’ll come across entire outfits you simply can’t live without. (And, in all honesty, why would you want to?)

The Kepaza Under The Umbrella Collection

Here are our Top Five Outfit Picks from the latest Kepaza Under the Umbrella Collection:

Designer White Fishtail Skirt
Look 1. Cornelia Skirt | Caroline T-Shirt
Sea Print Fitted Stretch Skirt
Look 2. Connie Skirt Sea Print | Celina Cape
White Asymmetrical Hem Dress
Look 3. Christine Dress White 
Long Sleeve Relaxed Fit Navy Dress
Look 4. Camilla Dress Sea Print 
Curved Hem White Cardigan
Look 5. Carol Cardigan | Caroline T-Shirt | Connie Skirt 

Rain or shine, nothing can make you happier than looking and feeling powerful and playful. And, thanks to Kepaza, we girls know just how to make that happen.

Exclusive Interview with Pernille Fristad

During her recent trip to London for the opening of PRISM, a new multi-brand concept store in South Kensington, we got to chat to Pernille Fristad, Award-Winning Designer and Owner of Kepaza, about her latest collection, what it’s really like working in fashion design, and her future plans for the brand here’s what she had to say…

Pernille Fristad Award Winning Designer and Owner of Kepaza
Pernille Fristad, Fashion Designer and Owner of Kepaza

A15: What’s your background, how did you get into fashion design?

PF: When I was 11 years old I wanted a sewing machine and a few years later I decided to become a fashion designer when I saw a girl on TV working as a fashion designer. It was like a light went on in my head and it all made sense. After that, I was on the fast track to becoming a fashion designer. I studied fashion design at high school and my bachelor at Esmod Oslo. I was awarded the “Golden Needle” for being the best student throughout the 3 years. I then went on to have an internship with Jeremy Scott in LA and By TiMo in Oslo. When I was 19 years old I decided to start Kepaza as a side project to going to fashion school. 3 years later I decided to do Kepaza full time and after that, we showed 3 times at New York Fashion Week.

Pernille Fristad Award Winning Fashion Designer and Owner of Kepaza
Pernille Fristad with Kepaza Runway Models at NYFW

A15: What inspires your designs?

PF: My designs are inspired by different themes, but I think one thing that is always there is that I am a dreamer and hope to make the world a happier place with my designs. Also, our unique signature is that we always have geometrical shapes and lines.

A15: What do you most enjoy about your work? 

PF: There is so much I enjoy about my work! I love to see the collections from an idea to the finished collections because this is so unique and different every time. I also enjoy taking photos, doing marketing, and getting the clothes out to the world.

A15: Tell us about your latest collection? 

PF: Our latest collection is our fall-winter collection named “Under my umbrella” and it is inspired by how you dress when you are going out and it is raining and you have to wear your umbrella. Our unique print is from the artist Sirenes and my inspiration is that the rain has been dripping down on the clothes and created a unique print.

Kepaza by Pernille Fristad at NYFW – Photo by Danny Ghitis

A15: What’s your top pick from your latest collection?

PF: That is a hard one. I love the whole collection so much, so I am not sure I can decide. You will have to check it out yourself!

A15: How do you want women to feel when wearing your clothes? 

PF: I want women to feel inspired to wear colours, playful clothes, and to be a little bit happier or more excited for the day and their life. Take a chance and wear something as unique as themselves.

A15: Who would you most love to see wearing your designs?

PF: I would love to see a random lady on the street wearing my designs and walking proudly around.

A15: Do you have a favourite designer? 

PF: I have many designers that I love to see what comes out with each season, like Jeremy Scott, DVF, and the Norwegian brand Holzweiler.

Kepaza Under The Umbrella Collection at NYFW – Photo by Danny Ghitis

A15: What advice would you give to aspiring young designers?

PF: I would advise you to give it all you’ve got and try new and exciting things. Find a group of creative’s that can help you and you can help too, that are inspiring, motivational, and hard working. Because you will need some help on the way, it’s not an easy road.

A15: What are your trend predictions for this coming season?

PF: We do follow trends, but for Kepaza it’s most important to follow the theme of the collection, find new and creative ideas, and have a playful side. I think the most important thing is to find trends you love and can help make your life better and more positive!

A15: Tell us about the future plans for Kepaza, what’s next for the brand?

PF: There is a lot happening at Kepaza at the moment. The fantastic thing about having your own brand is that you don’t know what the next day is going to be like, it can change in minutes! But we are going to continue to build our brand, work with amazing people, and get our brand out to the world.

For more information and to shop the new collection online, visit:

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