Lane’s Graphic Design Inspired Screen Prints

Lane’s exclusively designed hand-pulled screen prints have been influenced by graphic design from around the world and a vision of bringing this into the home as a piece of unique decorative art. A modern take on retro pop art with bright, eye-catching colours and shapes, each print is an original, produced by highly experienced printers onto FSC certified paper with great attention to detail for a truly exceptional finish.

Flying Tox Box Hand Pulled Screen Print
Flying Tox Box Screen Print

With so many wonderful designs at Lane, it’s hard to choose a favourite, for travel junkies there is the World Map Screen Print to add a splash of colour to a bare office wall. For those who prefer something modern and minimalistic, there is the Circles Screen Print. And for those who love bright vibrant colours and geometric designs, there is the Sardines Screen Print. All Screen Prints are delivered beautifully packaged, lovingly wrapped in tissue paper with a Lane By Post Made In England sticker securing it, so that you will really feel as though you are receiving something quite special.

World Map Hand-Pulled Screen Print
World Map Screen Print


The World Map Screen Print design features a map with the numbers 1-257 on it, listed underneath are the names of the countries of the world in alphabetical order next to the corresponding number. Looking at the map you can search for all the places you have visited, reminiscing about your travels and plan your next big adventure!

Swimming Yellow Screen Print
Swimming Yellow Screen Print

Each print has a smooth texture and substantial thickness to the paper, which feels more like a card, and very different to a poster or digital print. Lane’s Screen Prints are of real quality and have a beautiful finish unlike anything else. The colours are vivid yet also appear to be ingrained rather than sat on the surface. Whichever you choose you will be absolutely thrilled with your chosen print which will brighten up your home.

From Land And Sea Hand-Pulled Screen Print
From Land And Sea Screen Print

Lane’s Screen Prints are not only the perfect decorative accessory for any room in your home, but they would also make a wonderful wedding, anniversary, birthday or house-warming gift, that anyone would be thrilled and rather impressed to receive.

Circles Red and Blue Hand-Pulled Screen Print
Circles Red and Blue Screen Print

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