Lara Heems; The Designer Jewellery Brand Your Favourite Celebrities Are Wearing (And That You Can Actually Afford, Too)

Lara Heems Folie Earrings CZ Gold

Turn the pages of any number of fashion magazines and you’re bound to come across loads of things you want, from those perfectly-ripped, perfectly-fitting jeans to that statement ring that goes with everything. The only problem with this kind of celebrity-inspiration is that rarely can you actually afford what they are wearing. The result? Knock it off or forget about it altogether. Of course, if that piece of jewellery you spied on Mariah Carey or that sensational Dubai Princess is from Lara Heems you might just be in luck!

Lara Heems Lunar Earcuff Yellow Earrings

Lara Heems London

Lara Heemskerk, Jewellery Designer and Founder of Lara Heems, personally understands a woman’s desire to sparkle. Since she was a young girl walking down Bond Street with her parents, Lara has had an eye for all things bling. Diamonds, although the obvious first obsession, come with a hefty price tag, and Lara, whose eponymous jewellery brand likes to go big, wanted to create pieces that made a statement while also ensuring that everyone, not just the elite, could enjoy her stunning jewellery designs.

From dazzling earrings and bracelets to show-stopping necklaces and statement rings, one look at the Lara Heems’ range and you’ll understand why Lara is fast becoming one of London’s most sought-after designers. She’s as brilliant as the jewels she works with.

Lara Heems First Day of Summer Earrings

So, with everyone looking at the statement earring as the hottest accessory trend in 2018, one stop at the Lara Heems online shop will set you ahead of the crowd. Divided into four collections, Captivating, Delicate, Me To You, and Look At Me, Lara Heems Jewellery can help you not only nail that look but also ensure that you won’t soon be forgotten.

Captivating Collection

The Captivating Collection, in particular, manages to strike the perfect balance between statement and subtle, using clear crystal stones arranged in feminine designs to create earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and bangles that will immediately upgrade your style. Two standout pieces from this collection are the Lara Heems Captivating Long Earrings, worn by Maya Jama, TV presenter and girlfriend to grime rapper, Stormzy, at this year’s Brit Awards, and the Lara Heems Captivating Mini Hoops, which use a clever combination of oval and round-shaped CZ stones to create a design that is anything but expected.

Captivating Long Earrings Lara Heems

The Lara Heems Delicate Collection

Perfect for those who love to sparkle but prefer a stud earring, The Delicate Collection features easy-to-wear styles that will make just as much of an impact, like the Lara Heems Twinkle Studs, available in two sizes and colours, making them suitable for any occasion.

Twinkle Yellow Studs Big Lara Heems

Me To You Collection

The Me To You Collection features vibrant colours and beautiful distinctive designs. We love the First Day of Summer Earrings, which are available in two bold colours; try the emerald green for full effect, and the playful Rose Tassel Earrings available in green or red.

Lara Heems Rose Tassel Earrings

Look At Me Collection

Another standout collection that has us excited is the Look At Me Collection, which uses bursts of colour and texture to give you everything the name would suggest. And, since 2018 is all about the statement-making ear, take a look at the Lara Heems Folie Earrings (as seen on Lucy Mecklenburgh), which can be worn in two ways, giving you options for when you need to decide how much bling really is enough.

Folie Gold Earrings Lara Heems

As Lara Heems’ rise to super success seems inevitable, the designer remains focused and humble, noting that she is currently working to create a system so that a percentage of every purchase goes back towards charities she loves. For a designer that loves to sparkle, that commitment truly is a way to shine. For more information, to view all of the Lara Heems Jewellery Collections, and shop the entire range online, visit:

Lara Heems Jewellery

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