Live Limitless with Rebecca Scrivener, Getting to Know the Brand’s Co-Founder and Creative Director

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Born in 2017, British brand, Live Limitless, is already making huge strides in the competitive world of health, fitness, and lifestyle, attracting an army of celebrity fans with the likes of Tiff Watson, Lauren Pope, Frankie Gaff, and Gabby Allen all endorsing the Live Limitless philosophy. On a mission to “rid the world” of the guilt that often accompanies a desire to be healthy and exercise, Live Limitless offers a clean, effective (and beautifully packaged) range of supplements that promise results that go beyond just feeling and looking better: Live Limitless truly is a movement, one that is working to bring balance and enjoyment to your life, especially when it comes to your relationship with food.

Live Limitless

Completely plant-based, extensively researched, and patented, products in the Live Limitless line give you the grace (and results) you need to live a happy, healthy life. We’re especially intrigued by Live Lean and Live Clean, two products with a plant-based blend of vitamins, minerals, and other active ingredients, the first (completely vegan) designed to boost your metabolism and energy levels, the second promising to cleanse your body from the inside out, ridding your body of toxins, bloating, and – yes – cellulite.

LIVE LIMITLESS Live Clean Detox Tonic

Another popular product in the range, Limitless, uses a revolutionary, patented complex of natural plant fibres to help you lose weight and “manage your calorific surplus,” which sounds to us like the perfect addition to our spring-summer routines. As well as being designed to help you manage your hunger and keep cravings at bay, another reason Limitless works so effectively is that it collects and absorbs fats and sugars in your body, capturing up to 462 calories per day from the food you are eating. Never entering your bloodstream, Limitless is actually recognised as a medical device thanks to the rigorous testing and (super) exciting results that can be achieved.

Rebecca Scrivener Live Limitless Co-Founder

Exclusive Interview with Rebecca Scrivener

We sat down with Rebecca Scrivener, the brand’s Co-Founder and Creative Director, to dig a little deeper into the Live Limitless story and find out what makes this brand tick.

Tell Us More about the Team Behind the Brand?
We are very lucky to have a dedicated team of individuals. Alongside myself is my other [better] half, Kristan Morton, who is the Design Director. Even my brother (James) has recently come on board… We very much like to keep it in the family! The directors are all family members too, which makes things easier as we all really care about what we are doing and what our customers want.

What Was the Inspiration Behind Launching Live Limitless?
Thanks to my degree in Psychology, I had a vested interest in the psychological implications of the internet. I even wrote my dissertation on the effects the internet can have on depression. There was a noticeable link in my research between body image and idealistic portrayals on social media platforms. Of course, we all know this from our endless lengths of scrolling on platforms such as Instagram.

What was more fascinating was that new eating disorders such as ‘orthorexia’ were coming to the forefront in part because of the countless advertisements that push things like “the need to eat clean 100% of the time” or to “punish yourself” in the gym. I could see why people were developing poor relationships with their bodies. How was that healthy? Having a healthy body means having a healthy mind, the two are mutually exclusive.

The products in the Live Limitless range were designed to help you live your best you. Everyone can benefit from Live Limitless – they are supplements for real people. In an ideal world, everyone would eat better and move more. Sadly, we don’t currently live in an ideal world. With obesity on the rise in the UK, I think it’s important to offer education and products to help obtain a balanced lifestyle.

What Makes Live Limitless Unique in the Health and Fitness World?
Live Limitless fills a gap, even in a saturated market. We found our niche, and it turns out
the health and fitness industry was longing for it! Not only are our core beliefs and ethos
different, I think our aesthetic sets us apart too. Your supplements should look this good. And, not only should they look good, but they should have science and technology behind them, too. 

We wanted to create a range of supplements that do not exclude anyone. Supplements can be overwhelming, and often they are marketed at your hardcore fitness go-ers. But what about everyone else? What about your normal person who wants to improve their health? That’s your Live Limitless customer.

Where Is Live Limitless Heading Next?
We believe everybody should have access to Live Limitless and, in the future, I’d hope that would be the case. Improving upon the current range with more innovative products, as well as reducing our carbon footprint and doing our bit for the planet, would be pretty cool – ethical is the new luxury after all. Personally, I would love to work with mental health charities and foundations, raising money for causes that are close to the heart of where Live Limitless started. My passion for psychology has fortunately collided with my business, and I feel I’m in a fortunate position to create awareness in the future.

How to Live Guilt Free Live Limitless

Live Lean. Live Clean. Live Limitless

Live Limitless is an exciting sign of the progress being made in the health & wellness world. Once dominated by an ethos that you must “constantly be doing more” in order to “improve yourself,” conscious companies like Live Limitless, are breaking through to create a new wave of self-care, one that is grounded in the idea that you are already awesome and that there are simple ways to take care of yourself – no need to transform.

Kudos to Live Limitless for being a pioneer in this space and reminding us all of the beauty of a naturally healthy, well-lived life. So, what’s the key to really living a life without limits? In the words of Oscar Wilde, “Everything in moderation, including moderation.”

For more information on Live Limitless and to shop online, visit:

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