Living the LimeLife: The (New) Line of Skincare and Makeup Everyone’s Talking About

Although it’s been around since 1952, it seems like everyone in the know is talking about LimeLife by Alcone right now. Why? Because this family-owned business is one of the best-kept secrets in the skincare and makeup world. And, considering how much everyone talks about both, that’s pretty amazing.

Originally started to provide professional makeup to the stage and film industry, LimeLife by Alcone has expanded and reinvented itself over the decades. Today, the company is all about teaching both men and women how to take care of their skin better (with natural skincare products) and offering personalised makeup palettes that will leave you looking flawless, because, today, everyone’s in front of the camera – always.

LimeLife by Alcone Makeup Products

Fully aware of the danger posed by chemicals found within skin care products, LimeLife by Alcone uses formulas that are completely free of harmful ingredients. Super effective, LimeLife by Alcone’s skincare products work on the inside and the outside, making sure that you look great and feel even better. And, while every skincare routine is different, there are a few staples everyone, man or woman, should have in their arsenal of products.

Limelife by Alcone Natural Skin Care

First and foremost, everyone needs a great mask. LimeLife by Alcone’s Skin Polish uses lemon and jojoba beads to deliver a powerful punch of nutrients and hydration to make your skin glow. Next up, your cleanser. Quench Cleanse not only cleans your skin with a mild yet effective formula, but it also combats ageing and sun damage. Using Aloe vera and Sunflower, along with Rose Water Flower, creating a shield to lock moisture in.

LimeLife by Alcone Skin Care Products


And, while not everyone uses a booster for their skin, it’s not because they shouldn’t – it’s because they don’t know how good they can be. One Drop Wonder from LimeLife by Alcone is packed with antioxidants and Omega-6 that come from cold-pressed Pomifera Oil (a proprietary extract from Osage Orange Fruit Seed). Using this booster daily replenishes dehydrated skin and amps up your glow factor in a major way.

Another skin care staple? An excellent hand and body cream. If you’re in the market (and who isn’t), then look no further than LimeLife’s Forty Cure Creme, which is therapeutic grade (and smells like a divine blend of citrus and lavender essential oils).

Limelife by Alcone Professional Makeup

Once you’ve got your skin glowing, all makeup looks better. But, of course, none can quite work its magic as well as LimeLife by Alcone. Offering professional makeup (the same many celebrities and makeup artists reach for), LimeLife by Alcone understands what it takes to look great from every angle.

LimeLife by Alcone Makeup Collection

To transform your look, reach for the Perfect Eyeliner Pen, Perfect Mascara and Perfect Lip Gloss (we’re crushing hard on Colour 09 Wish). And, if you’re heading out, you can add some polish with the Enduring Lip Liner (02 Light Nude seems to work on everyone) combined with the Perfect Lipstick in 100 Knot Telling – Opaque. It’s the perfect makeup to match your new glow. And, speaking of glowing, all Makeup Palettes are completely customisable, meaning you can pick your favourites without any uncertainty.

For more information and to shop online, visit:

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