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Natty + Co Jewellery Necklaces

When you’ve had enough of bold and boisterous jewellery, the kind that jumps up and down begging for your attention and adoration, then it’s time to seek relief in something more understated. Oddly enough, in adopting the beauty of the understatement, you actually make a beautifully bold statement inadvertently. Welcome to the world of fashion.

Accessory trends will come and go, and there’s always a new “it” piece you’ll be told to line up for, but, when it comes to classic, timeless pieces that can transition from day to night, beach to street, year to a decade, there’s an innate infatuation that every woman has.

No, you don’t need to be told it’s cool. No, you don’t need to pay a whole month’s rent just to prove your worthy. It’s the kind of jewellery that is confident, inviting, and easy to obsess over. It’s the kind of fine jewellery that’s made by Los Angeles based Natty + Co.

Jennifer Natty Lopez Natty + Co Jewellery Founder

Natty + Co Jewellery

Created by Jennifer “Natty” Lopez (pictured above), the brand is defined by its brilliant flashes of gold and handcrafted pieces that are easy-to-wear and effortlessly chic. Even when she was young, Natty knew she was destined to own a jewellery boutique, smartly guided by her admiration of the elegant gold pieces she would see in shop windows.

Every item is handpicked by Natty herself, the founder also designs several of the pieces, incorporating her own unique style and vision to create necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings that are memorably simple and delicately sexy. Each item of Natty + Co jewellery is handmade in Los Angeles to order. Designed to look stunning when stacked and layered, Natty + Co jewellery lends itself to the mixing and matching whims of each unique woman who chooses to wear it.

Natty + Co Jewellery

Gold Jewellery Collection

Below we have included some of Natty’s (and our) favourite pieces from the current Natty + Co Gold Jewellery Collection, including solid gold stackable rings, statement gemstone rings, personalised necklaces and charms, and stylish earrings, all of which complement one another should you struggle to choose just one piece to fall in love with.

Natty + Co Solid Gold Rings
Custom Name Ring | Curvy Ring | 1st Love Ring | Hammered Ring

Though Natty loves every piece of Natty + Co jewellery, two pieces, in particular, have special meaning for her. When asked about them, Natty replied, “My favourite pieces have to be the Curvy Ring and 1st Love Ring. These two rings are my babies as they were my first two designs”… “I love looking at and admiring them. They give me a warm and cosy feeling.” 

Notice and Nobody Rings Natty + Co Jewellery
Notice Ring | Nobody Ring

And, if rings are what you’re after, another piece worthy of your attention is the Notice Ring. The delicate rose-like sparkly hearts are charming, to say the least. And, the Nobody Ring, with a gemstone that looks deep red in some lights and pink in others, this beautiful ring has a classic and timeless appeal which make it suitable for wearing every day.

Natty + Co Initial Love Gold Personalised Initial Necklace
Initial Love Necklace

And, while on the subject of charms, the Initial Love Necklace is a perfect example of the handmade-to-order customisation that Natty + Co Jewellery fans adore. You choose the material (yellow or white gold), the length, and, of course, the charm letter to create the perfect meaningful gift (or treat for yourself).

Tiny Akhn Pendant Gold Natty + Co
Tiny Ankh Pendant

Made from 14-karat gold, The Tiny Ankh Pendant (the ancient Egyptian symbol for life) makes a gothic yet demure statement. Wear multiple charms and necklaces with different chain lengths to complete the effortless layered look we all admire so much.

Nude Necklace Natty + Co
Nude Necklace

Another charming Natty + Co necklace simply goes by the name Nude. Featuring the cutest baby ring pendant, the Nude Necklace is the perfect option for a piece that is stunningly simple yet beautifully intricate, just like the women’s skin it rests against.

Rose Hoops Natty + Co Jewellery
Rose Hoops

And finally, though she’s not J. Lo., this Jennifer Lopez resonates with a woman’s need to find the perfect set of hoop earrings. The Rose Hoops aren’t just the perfect size, but, the rose colour elevates them from the typical brassy gold pairs you wore in middle school.

“I like sharing the joy and happiness that jewellery brings to my life,” says Natty. And, if there’s anything that Natty + Co knows how to do best, it’s making sure that joy and happiness are nearby, every day. To find out more and shop online, visit:

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