Meet SHASHI®, The Athleisure Performance Sock Taking Women from Studio to Street in Style

SHASHI Socks Classic Regular Toe White

For most women, the fact that athleisure apparel is not just becoming more widely accepted as fashion, but is also becoming fashionable, is a huge relief – and so much fun, too. As women, we really do run the world, from the house to the boardroom to schools and studios, which means we’re busier than ever. Mix in our desire to stay comfortable and practical, and day-to-day dressing used to be a nightmare. That is, until the brilliant invention of athleisure, those perfect wardrobe staples that allow you to literally get everything done without ever having those uncomfortable “I’m-so-sorry-I-just-came-from-the-gym” encounters, which leave you wondering why the universe always puts important people in your path when you’re sweaty and dressed in old sweatpants!

SHASHI Socks Star Regular Toe Nude

SHASHI® Star Regular Toe Nude | Buy on Amazon

Athleisure is no longer just a trend. It’s a paradigm shift in the way women think. It’s liberating. It’s beautiful. And it’s super comfortable. But, until recently, there was one daily staple in the world of athleisure that had been sorely neglected: socks. Unattractive, uncomfortable, hot, and smelly, socks, in general, have been laundry outcasts for decades, and for good reason. Stockings, footwear’s saving feminine grace, are far from comfortable and belong nowhere near a gym or yoga studio. (Can you imagine downward dogging in footed tights?) Thankfully, athleisure wardrobes are finally getting a “soleful” upgrade, and it’s all because of SHASHI®, the maker of the “ultimate performance sock”.

SHASHI Socks Founder Natalie Sudit

Natalie Sudit, the founder of the up-and-coming footwear brand that is currently taking the athleisure world by storm, was, like most active women, hopelessly lost when it came to finding socks that checked all of the boxes: attractive, comfortable, cool, grippy. As an equal aficionado of Barre, Pilates, and style, Natalie’s frustration ultimately led her to create SHASHI®, every woman’s answer to the foundation of the athleisure look.

SHASHI Socks Star Regular Toe Sugarplum

SHASHI® Star Regular Toe Sugar Plum | Buy on Amazon

One look at SHASHI®’s look-book and you’ll instantly see the difference. (Yes, socks really can be stylish.) And, since the trend of letting your socks be seen isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, SHASHI® couldn’t be hitting its stride at a more optimal time. Whether you allow them to peek out of your ballet flats or wear them under dress shoes, SHASHI® will make sure that you’re comfortable and stylish, whether you’re working or working out.

SHASHI Socks Star Regular Toe Charcoal

SHASHI Star Regular Toe Charcoal | Buy on Amazon

Capable of keeping up with you at the studio, and stylish enough to be worn outside of it, SHASHI® socks are the missing athleisure piece women everywhere have been looking for. Now regularly seen on the streets of London, SHASHI® carries four different collections – Classic, Star, Sweet and Essentials – offering smart, stylish solutions for every athleisure need as well as essential everyday wear. A brand new collection, Artist, promises beautiful new designs and is in the works getting ready for release right now.

SHASHI Cool Feet Socks White

SHASHI® Classic Regular Toe White | Buy on Amazon

So whether you are a yogi, dancer, barre babe, or pilates body, SHASHI® will not only give you all of the function you need to perform at your best, but it will make sure that you look great at every pre and post workout moment to come. For more information on SHASHI® socks visit: UK customers can shop the full range on Amazon.

SHASHI Cool Feet Socks

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