Meet the Life-Changing Master Brain Antioxidant and the High Performance Skincare Brand That’s Delivering It to Your Doorstep

Susona Glutathione Skincare

Rachel Levine, the Founder, and CEO of Susona, has practiced integrative health for over a decade. During her time working with patients, she began to delve into research around glutathione, the “master antioxidant” in the brain. This powerful antioxidant, which detoxifies the body, reduces inflammation, maintains brain health, boosts immunity, and, not to mention, makes us look younger, decreases as we age. (To be specific, glutathione levels drop dramatically once we hit thirty.) And, when this decrease in glutathione occurs, it leads to a wide array of disease in the body and mind.

Susona Skincare Glutatherapy™ Liposomal Face Serum

Glutathione Benefits

Seeing the incredible importance of glutathione for her patients, Rachel began to ask questions, such as “Could we live a more nourished life if we had better access to glutathione?” The answer was a resounding yes. But, getting access to this master antioxidant isn’t always easy. Wanting an affordable, convenient, and effective way to boost glutathione, Rachel developed her signature treatment known as Glutatherapy™. Leveraging the advances in liposomal science, Rachel created new ways in which the benefits of glutathione could be delivered through skin absorption — and her high-performance skincare company, Susona, was born.

Susona Glutathione Skincare Powerful Antioxidant Brain Health

Susona Skincare

Nourishing cellular structure from the inside out, Susona Glutathione Skincare products are revolutionising the skincare industry by providing a multitude of benefits for the body and mind. With one product currently available and two more in the queue, the buzz surrounding the work being done at Susona is audible. The unique process of Glutatherapy™ ensures optimal potency of glutathione by utilising the skin (Susona products combine patches and skin creams) as a means of absorption. And, once glutathione levels begin to increase, the magic of Susona begins to take hold: oxidative stress decreases; toxins are diminished; cellular energy is increased; the immune system is boosted; and skin is visibly hydrated, brightened, and smoothed.

Susona Skincare Face and Mind Serum Glutathione

Glutatherapy™ Liposomal Face Serum

The one product currently available form Susona, the Glutatherapy™ Liposomal Face Serum, is a two-in-one formula that combines Glutathione with Collalift 18, a source of plant-based collagen that is derived from African Mahogany Bark. Delivering incredible results, this signature face serum removes wrinkles, smooths fine lines, tightens the skin, and brightens complexions. And, for individuals with issues like acne, rosacea, or eczema, this serum is somewhat of a magic wand, with customer reviews already raving about the complete disappearance of troublesome spots and patches.

Susona Glutathione Skincare Glutatherapy™ Liposomal Face Serum Antioxidant

Susona Glutatherapy™ Liposomal Face Serum

Glutatherapy™ High-Performance Skincare

Although this one product is enough to build an entire empire, Rachel has more up her sleeve with two new products due for release any day. These new additions include a Glutatherapy™ Liposomal Body Cream and Glutatherapy™ Clarity Patches, both of which continue to deliver a power-packed punch of glutathione. The Body Cream in particular helps to reduce age spots and unwanted blemishes, while simultaneously eliminating inflammation, bruising, and scars. The Patches, on the other hand, are another incredible innovation of Rachel’s, a powerful way to receive a boost of glutathione so that you feel better, look better, sleep better, and, yes, GLOW.

Find out more about how Glutatherapy™ could work for you, visit: and follow @susona_brand on Instagram for the latest news and product updates.

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