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Founded in 2016, London based Minka Gems is a luxury jewellery brand inspired by the geometrical shapes and materials found in the natural world. Designing beautiful jewellery at the intersection of sophistication and simplicity, founder Lucy Crowther creates each distinctive jewellery collection to be consistent with exceptional quality and form.

Lucy’s background of working with well-known creatives such as Mario Testino, Mary Fellows, Sebastian Kauffman, Georgina Graham and Madeline Weinrib influenced her own creative direction, and she developed an eye for colour and design. Working with the late Munnu Kasliwal in New York City and at the Gem Palace in Jaipur, India, Lucy developed her design skills further and she became fascinated with luxury gemstone jewellery.

Minka Gems Indian Ocean Ring

After returning to London to study at the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, Lucy learned techniques for examining and testing the quality of precious stones, which led to a career with one of London’s leading gemstone dealers. With her impressive background and deep knowledge of the gemstone industry, Lucy decided to create Minka Gems.

Lucy has since designed six striking jewellery collections which each feature a unique design concept. We especially love how Minka Gem’s collections include a variety of both exquisite fine jewellery, as well as more affordable contemporary pieces, all of which can be fashionably worn on their own or together to compliment one another beautifully.

Gold Protection Charm Necklace Minka GemsGold Protection Charm | £435.00

One of Minka Gem’s signature jewellery pieces, The Gold Protection Charm Necklace comes engraved with the message, “Gratitude, Love, Protection”. These powerful words are hand engraved around the 9kt gold charm to convey the attributes upon its wearer.

Berlin Collection

With solid gold lines that play with the use of negative space and light, the Berlin Collection focuses on a luxurious yet effortless style of jewellery. Modern and easy to wear, the stunning Berlin Ring is a single ring with five gold bands in 18kt yellow gold.

Berlin Ring 18kt Yellow Gold Minka Gems

Berlin Ring 18kt Yellow Gold  | £950.00

Guatemalan Volcanic Beads Collection

The Guatemalan Volcanic Beads Collection has been designed with black lava beads imbued with the strength, fire and power of volcanoes, combined with 9kt yellow gold. Reminiscent of a classic floating black pearl earring, the elegant Guatemalan Volcanic Lava Earrings with 9kt yellow-gold hoops harness the mineral richness of the earth’s core combined with the power of the volcano and would make a stylish addition to any outfit.

Guatemalan Volcanic Lava Earrings Minka Gems

Guatemalan Volcanic Lava Earrings | £225.00

The Guatemalan Lava and Gold Bracelet featuring volcanic lava beads paired with 9kt gold, makes a statement on its own, paired with the Guatemalan Volcanic Lava Earrings or layered with other jewellery pieces, such as contrasting bracelets or a gold watch.

Guatemalan Lava and Gold Bracelet Minka Gems

Guatemalan Lava and Gold Bracelet | £75.00

Freshwater Pearl Collection

The Freshwater Pearl Collection features the purity of freshwater pearls, which add an element of luxury to your daily look or special occasion and compliment any complexion. The Amazon Earrings are set with 9kt yellow gold hoops, freshwater pearls and amazonite and apatite beads. The fresh and youthful combination of the pearls and the turquoise colour of the beads creates a versatile look that would work for multiple occasions.

Amazon Earrings Pearl Turquoise Minka Gems

Amazon Earrings | £275.00

The Floating Pearl Necklace is an elegant and timeless piece of jewellery. With a cultured freshwater pearl and fine 9kt gold chain, the Floating Pearl Necklace would make a delicate and classy addition to any outfit, whether paired with a little black dress or a beautiful white wedding dress, this pretty and feminine necklace will complete your look.

Floating Freshwater Pearl Necklace Minka Gems

Floating Pearl Necklace | £145.00

Indian Ocean Collection

Inviting an attitude of indulgence and beauty, The Indian Ocean Collection was inspired by the simple perfection of vibrant gemstones set in 18kt yellow-gold or 925 sterling silver. The Indian Ocean Ring adds a chic pop of colour to any outfit, with your choice of topaz, amethyst, peridot or tourmaline set against yellow-gold or sterling silver.

Indian Ocean Gemstone Ring Minka Gems London

Indian Ocean Ring | £375.00

The elegant Indian Ocean Earrings perfectly complement the collection’s ring with lilac amethyst and prasiolite gemstones, set in 18kt yellow gold. Complete the set and adorn yourself with these multi-hued gemstones to understand the true meaning and feeling of luxury. The perfect choice for a stylish special event, taking you from day into evening.

Indian Ocean Gemstone Earrings Minka Gems London

Indian Ocean Earrings | £1,250.00

Tahitian Pearl Collection

Inspired by the rare black pearls from French Polynesia, The Tahitian Pearl Collection is the essence of rarity and luxury. The Tahitian Pearl Power Pendant is unique not only because of the pearl itself, but also the option to inscribe the yellow-gold ring surrounding the pearl pendant, to make it truly special and personal to the wearer. The necklace is made from 9kt yellow-gold, with a rotating Tahitian baroque pearl centre.

Tahitian Pearl Power Pendant Minka Gems London

Tahitian Pearl Power Pendant | £895.00

Peruvian Pompom Collection

The Peruvian Pompom Collection emphasizes the colour and playfulness of Peruvian festivals, along with the richness and depth of Latin American culture. The Peruvian Pompom Earrings are made of 18kt gold and felt pompoms in a variety of colours. With the option to customize, the Peruvian Pompom Earrings easily become a jewellery staple to showcase beautiful quality in a range of colours to go with any outfit.

Peruvian Pompom Gold and Felt Earrings Minka Gems London

Peruvian Pompom Earrings | £65.00

For more information and to view all of the collections online, visit: minkagems.com

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