Modern Magic: Meet the Minimalist Alchemical Skincare Line by The Potion Masters

What exactly is “modern magic”? While many brands claim to have “it”, few actually understand how to fuse it together in a way that is physically palpable — or, in other words, worth your money. In order for something to be “modern”, you expect it to be influenced by the latest advances in science or technology, which means that it provides you with some sort of benefit previously impossible or difficult to attain.

The Potion Masters Skin Magic

And, of course, in order for something to qualify as “magic”, it needs to transmit a quality that you can’t quite explain, some sort of experience or effect that seems impossible, or just downright witchy. If you have a difficult time coming up with an example of a truly modern, truly magical brand you love, so did we. And then we met The Potion Masters.

The Potion Masters

Brought to life by a mother-daughter team, Joy and Sylvan, from Calgary, The Potion Masters is the result of more than three decades of experience in the skincare industry and a deep passion for nature and its gifts. Packed with nutrients and void of synthetics and preservatives, the formulas behind each of The Potion Masters’ products are also water-free.

Face Potions Minis The Potion Master

Instead of using the water trick, most beauty brands employ in order to create products that hydrate, The Potion Masters formulate products with lipids and humectants, allowing the water on your skin to be the only H2O in their alchemical creations. Because of this, The Potion Masters actually delivers on its “modern magic” promise, developing chemical-free skincare that reveals unparalleled dewy skin that seriously glows.

The Potion Masters Best Selling Products Face Body Bath

Skin Magic

Simple and effective, getting your daily dose of skin magic is easy with The Potion Masters. And because Joy and Sylvan believe in tearing down the walls of exclusivity to luxury skincare products, you’ll be over the moon when you discover abundantly sized products fairly priced in their online shop. From Alchemy Masks and Eye Potions to Magic Balms and Bath Spells, there’s certainly no shortage of choices to swoon over.

Alchemy Masks The Potion Masters

Alchemy Masks

But there is one product in particular that everyone in the natural skincare know is buzzing about: The Potion Masters’ Alchemy Masks. A runaway hit featured in Vanity Fair, Alchemy Masks are packed with exciting, exotic, and effective ingredients from around the world, featuring ingredients that range from vitamin-rich Dragon Fruit to soothing Butterfly Pea Flower.

The Potion Masters Alchemy Masks Texture Magic Skincare

And because the potent ingredients in each mask aren’t activated until you cast your own spell, you get to enjoy the absolute freshest mask possible, which means the results are nothing short of enchanting. For the ultimate witchy experience, blend your own Alchemy Mask potion to create the ultimate formula for your own unique skin experience.

Face Potions Minis The Potion Master

Face Potions

And if you’re curious to try another highly recommended product from the alchemist cabinet, you’ll want to dive into the assortment of Face Potions, especially the innovative and ultra-clean formulas featured in the Ceramide Collection. Designed to strengthen and maintain a healthy moisture barrier, ceramides have the ability to increase plumpness and hydration. Typically loaded with preservatives, The Potion Masters have concocted a way to create hydrating ceramide products without preservatives, a first in the world of natural skincare.

The Potion Masters Face Potion Minis

The Potions For Face Mini’s Collection

Face Potion Minis

Ready to dive into some real modern magic? The Potion Masters have just released a Face Potions Mini Kit, the perfect way to get a potent dose of what minimalist alchemical skincare can really offer! To find out more and shop online, visit:

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