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When you become a mother, your life is suddenly filled with hundreds of new “firsts.” From the first baby to the first step, the first tooth or the first time you hear them laugh, every moment is monumental and something you want to remember forever.

And, as any mum knows, if you blink those moments slip away. Babies grow fast. Soon those tiny feet will no longer be so tiny, and your ability to control what goes on them will be even tinier. Which is why, of all the firsts that are treasured, one of the most beloved is your baby’s first pair of shoes. And now, thanks to Monilo London, handmade shoes for children, you’ll have the perfect excuse to buy your little one a super special first pair.

Monilo London Luxury Handmade Children's Shoes About Us

As one of the most prestigious handmade luxury shoe brands in the world, Monilo London was founded by Monika Krauze-Bouziane, a former professional tennis player and trained lawyer. And if that resume comes as a surprise, what won’t is this: she’s also a mother.

“My project started to evolve alongside the birth of my son, Adam. I wanted him to have an amazing pair of first shoes… and I didn’t find what I was looking for. So I … created something that would combine my consciousness about health and a child’s healthy development and my passion for beautiful things,” says Monika, who uses the foundation of “love” at the onset of each and every one of her shoe designs.

Monilo London Founder Monika and Son Adam

Driven by her passion for “fashion, movies, colours, animals, photography, architecture, art, street style, and of course people,” Monika has turned Monilo London into a brand that is very much alive – the heartbeat of the company palpable and vibrant.

Part of Monilo’s life comes from what Monika refers to as the brand’s “extended family,” Italian craftsmen that carefully make each and every pair of shoes by hand. In addition to its Italian pedigree, Monilo’s current collections use French leather sourced from some of Europe’s oldest tanneries, dating back to 1803, to ensure exceptional quality products.

Monilo London Luxury Handmade Children's Shoes Production Process

The perfect gift for adored babies, Monilo London caters to stylish parents looking for a timeless keepsake, but also to grandparents, godparents, aunts, uncles, and friends who want to deliver a one-of-a-kind gift that will be treasured for years to come.

Today you’ll find a stunning collection of shoe designs for both boys and girls, all of which are available in UK sizes 3.5-11, making them suitable for age 12 months up to 5 years. Seven staple styles, which Monika says are here to stay, allow you to easily find the perfect shoe, and brilliant colours, which range from classic neutrals to enviable jewel tones, are just some of the many aspects that set Monilo London’s shoes apart.

Monilo London Boys Shoes

The Neverland, Monika’s son, Adam’s, favourite pair of shoes, is a popular choice for boys. For girls, we love the Royal Rose Leather Ankle Boot in Candy Red. Although truth be told, you can’t go wrong with any of the styles diligently crafted by the Monilo London team.

In addition to the luxury shoes the brand has become known for, Monika says that they are looking to extend their product range, offering Spring styles, “moccasins, ballerinas, sandals, & soft baby shoes”, “super proper school shoes” and “accessories, blankets and maybe someday a clothing line.” There’s a lot to be excited about for the future of the brand.

Monilo London Princess Sage Melon Girls Luxury Shoes

And while change is inevitable, your children being a prime example, Monika promises that Monilo’s mission will never change. “The dream,” she says, “is to build an amazing children’s brand that will bring lots of joy to both parents and their children.” Just one look at Monilo London’s Luxury Handmade Shoes For Children’s and you’ll immediately feel that joy. So, Monika, it looks like you are absolutely on the right track!

To see more gorgeous designs, take a look at their Instagram page: Monilo LondonMonilo London Handmade Luxury Shoes For Children

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