Nautical Inspired Gifts by Beautiful Rope Decor

Looking for the perfect gift for someone with a love of the seaside? A wedding present for a couple who love all things coastal, or maybe you have been searching for a decorative accessory for your beach themed room? Whatever the occasion you are sure to be inspired by Beautiful Rope Decor and their range of luxury nautical gifts for the home.

Rope Decor Patio Door Stop

Small Buoy Rope Door Stop | £48.00

Beautiful Rope Decor’s select range of products includes intricate sailors knots for placing on a mantlepiece, windowsill or shelf, rope whisks/brushes, wall mounted hanging knot rings, mini buoy decorations and sturdy nautical door stops of different sizes for use both indoors and outdoors on a patio, all made to the very highest standards and build to last.

Nautical Knot Ring

Nautical Knot Ring Fender | £24.00

Each Beautiful Rope Decor piece is skillfully handcrafted right here in England by ‘The Ropeman’, a British artisan who practises the complicated art of knot tying, using the same intricate, traditional rope making techniques as used by British Navy servicemen.

Rope Door Stop

Large Turks Head Door Stop | £42.00

Using only ethically sourced, natural materials from Manila, each item truly is a one-off. When you buy a Beautiful Rope Decor product you are buying more than just an unusual gift or decorative home accessory, there really is a story behind it, the company, the history, the art of ropemaking, meaning that you become part of something rather special.

Nautical Door Stop

Lighthouse Tall Door Stop | £90.00

Why do we love Nautical designs so much? With our hectic lives, we all dream of getting away from it all, whether it’s sailing off into the sunset, with nothing but the sound of the ocean waves to listen to or just simply being by the seaside, evoking memories of being a child on the beach, there is something so wonderfully pure and magical about coastal living, which may explain why we are so keen to inject a touch of this into our homes.

Mini Rope Buoy Decoration

Mini Buoy Rope Decoration | £18.00

Contemporary Nautical design is cool, simplistic, and focuses on just a few key pieces to tie the look together. Whether you want to add a feature piece or just a touch of nautical charm to your home, Beautiful Rope Decor’s entire rope knot collection has been lovingly handmade to the very highest standard, substantial and strong, as well as beautiful and thoughtfully designed. Satisfaction is guaranteed by ‘The Ropeman’ himself, so you can be sure that your chosen piece or imaginative nautical gift will stand the test of time.

Decorative Rope Brush

Nautical Hearth Brush Decoration | £15.00

For more information and to shop the range online, visit:

Beautiful Rope Decor Nautical Doorstops and Home Accessories

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