New Season Lighting: Our Top 10 Table Lamps From the Brand New Autumn Collection at OKA

OKA Luxury Indoor Lighting Claudette Table Lamp Tortoiseshell Glass Iron Bronze Stylish Interior

Illuminate your space this Autumn/Winter by investing in some elegant new season lighting. Alongside their existing best sellers, our favourite luxury interiors retailer OKA has introduced a brand new collection of indoor lighting that will be perfect for any inside space. The luxury lighting range, which includes table, desk, and bedside lamps offers the very latest styles, fresh designs, patterned lampshades, and coloured glass lamp bases.

Placed by a bedside or on a side table, coffee table, or console, a table lamp is a stylish home accessory that not only offers a practical solution, providing much-needed light by illuminating dark corners and brightening a room, but it can also help to tie a whole look together, as well as creating a warm, homely, and inviting feel to any room in your home.

OKA Luxury Indoor Lighting Gourami Table Lamp Seaweed Green Coloured Glass Brass

Our Top 10 Table Lamps New in at OKA

The new lighting collection at OKA features classic, refined, and statement pieces with high-end finishes such as antique brass, ivory, and gold, as well as more unusual materials such as rattan, mahogany, and even mouth-blown glass. With designs, sizes, and styles to suit any room, and a range of lampshades available to match in perfectly and create your desired look, you’ll be spoilt for choice, here are just a few of our faves to inspire you…

Subura Table Lamp Gold Finish Aluminium Metal OKA

1. Subura Table Lamp – Gold £195

Made from aluminum with an opulent gold finish, the Subura Table Lamp features a striking cage-style design that will sit beautifully in both traditional and modern interiors.

Palmerro Table Lamp Antique Brass Palm Tree OKA

2. Palmerro Table Lamp – Antique Brass | £195

The Palmerro Table Lamp features a stunning antique brass finish and combines a more traditional column-style lamp base with intricately carved palm tree detailing at the top.

Haddee Bone Weave Table Lamp Ivory Woven Rattan Style OKA

3. Haddee Bone Weave Table Lamp – Ivory | £450

We love the rattan effect used to create this stylish table lamp, and the combination of ivory paired with gold, which will add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any room.

Brummundal Table Lamp Natural Mango Wood Indoor Lighting OKA

4. Brummundal Table Lamp – Natural | £175

Carved from mango wood, the Brummundal Table Lamp’s beauty lies in its simplicity. We love the use of this natural material with exposed grain that makes each piece unique.

Calabash Rattan Table Lamp Natural Indoor Lighting OKA

5. Calabash Rattan Table Lamp – Natural | £295

From their top-selling table lamp range, the Calabash Rattan Table Lamp is OKA’s latest addition which combines natural rattan over an iron frame for a truly distinctive design.

Piquet Table Lamp Moss Iron Brass French Style Indoor Lighting OKA

6. Piquet Table Lamp – Moss | £295

This Bouillotte-style table lamp will instantly add a touch of French flair to your home and although it was inspired by an antique, the Piquet Table Lamp is now totally on-trend.

Papivarus Table Lamp White Iron Mahogany Luxury Indoor Lighting OKA

7. Papivarus Table Lamp – White | £250

Made from iron and mahogany, the sculpture-like Papivarus Table Lamp has been created to resemble scrolls of ancient writing paper balanced on top of a contrasting baseplate.

Balabac Column Table Lamp Sand Wood Rattan Luxury Indoor Lighting OKA

8. Balabac Column Table Lamp – Sand | £195

Name after an island in the Philippines known for its coral reefs, sandy beaches, and cone-shaped shells, the Balabac Table Lamp will add a touch of paradise to any interior.

Claudette Table Lamp Tortoiseshell Mouth Blown Glass Iron Luxury Indoor Lighting OKA

9. Claudette Table Lamp – Tortoiseshell | £250

Bringing together both Art Deco and Bauhaus aesthetics, the Claudette Table Lamp features a stylish combination of mouth-blown tortoiseshell glass and bronzed metal.

Gourami Table Lamp Seaweed Green Coloured Glass Brass Luxury Indoor Lighting OKA

10. Gourami Table Lamp – Seaweed Green | £295

Available in a choice of seaweed green or ink blue, the Gourami Table Lamp is created using mouthblown glass which is then hand-cut for a beautiful one-of-a-kind finish.

For more inspiration, take a look at the full OKA Lighting Collection

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