Put Something Special in His Pocket This Christmas with an Unexpected Gift for Men

For men, the concept of fashion usually manifests as a bit too functional. Less about what he wants to wear and more about what he needs, men’s fashion has gone through a bit of a dry spell for the last several decades. And, while resurrecting every element of a “gentleman’s wardrobe” from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries might be impractical, bringing back a few choice stylistic options for men is far from absurd. In fact, women should be eager to do so – who out of us would protest against seeing more well-dressed men in our day-to-day lives?

Gentleman’s Style

As such, each of us should turn our attention to an often overlooked but perfect style accessory for the men in our lives this festive season: the pocket square. Surprised?

A seemingly small touch that is typically only reserved for the most formal of formal events, the pocket square is chic, simple, and the perfect way to make an understated statement, whether going to an interview, travelling for business, or showing up (on time) for a date. And, when it’s time to find a luxurious pocket square that is equal parts stylish and equal parts fun, there’s no better place than Robertto’s.

Robertto’s Pocket Squares

Born in New York City in 2011, Robertto’s draws on its founders’ artisanal Italian roots to create luxury pocket squares for men. Using silk from the Como region of Italy, Robertto’s take on pocket squares is fresh and updated thanks to its unique selection of patterns and designs, something that has been missing from the world of pocket squares for far too long.

Available in more than thirty countries around the world, Robertto’s has grown strategically in three of the most fashionable cities: New York, London and Montreal. But, each of the squares is still crafted in Italy using traditional techniques and only the very finest quality fabrics, including luxurious 14mm-thick silk twill. All are beautifully finished with hand-rolled hems by Robertto’s highly skilled team, before being lovingly packaged.

Our Top Picks

One look at the current selection of pocket squares from Robertto’s and you’ll understand these aren’t your great-grandfather’s accessory. With themes ranging from abstract to animal and patterned to polka, there’s something (unexpected) for every man in your life. And, to make your life a little simpler, we’ve chosen our top picks from each category. (So all you have to do to upgrade your guy’s style game is point and click.)

Crab Cancer Silk Pocket Square

After The Tide Silk-Twill Pocket Square

Abstract & Geometrical

Art Nouveau illustrations of crabs in rock pools, gift the ‘After The Tide’ pocket square with bursts of colour. “For thousands of years, the humble crab has been a powerful symbol of independence in various cultures all around the world.” (And if your guy is a Cancer sign, all the more perfect.)

Dalmatian Print Silk Twill Pocket Square

Hound And Thistle Silk-Twill Pocket Square

Animal & Wildlife

Playfully decorated with Dalmatian dogs and medieval floral motifs, the ‘Hound And Thistle’ pocket square is as much of a fashion statement as it is a piece of art. “This example is ideal for the modern man who associates with the fidelity, charm and poise of these wonderful, iconic creatures.”

Monochromatic Bird Detail Silk Pocket Square

Pavo & Folia Cream Silk-Twill Pocket Square


Taking inspiration from one of India’s most celebrated artistic cultures, the Gonds, the ‘Pavo & Folia’ pocket square blends the surreal with the sublime. The birds depicted on the square represent “a sense of vitality, of assuredness of their place in the world, and of the impact they make on their surroundings.”

Teal Silk Pocket Square

Velocité Teal Silk-Twill Pocket Square

Objects & Lifestyle

A surprising homage to vintage cars, the ‘Velocité’ pocket square weaves together linear representations of “curving fenders, beautifully formed bonnets and trunks, windows and wheels” to create the perfect accessory for stylish men who love cars.

Dark Grey Pocket Square

Paisley Scintillation Silk-Twill Pocket Square

Patterned & Polka

A self-proclaimed “avant-garde” pocket square, the ‘Paisley Scintillation’ design “takes full advantage of the magic of repetition, and by repeating and rotating the stylised paisley motif we know so well.” 

Tyger Shoestring Silk-Twill Pocket Square

Plain & Shoestring

Managing to perfectly balance between “statement” and “understated”, the ‘Tyger Shoestring’ pocket square is the perfect gift for every man. “To wear this pocket square is to associate with and enhance one’s own animal magnetism, to take inspiration from the strength and elegance of nature’s most wondrous creations.”

Gifts for Men Pocket Squares

The Perfect Gift For Him

Each Robertto’s pocket square is shipped with a complimentary branded box to make gifting this season even easier. And, since each design is available in a variety of colours and shades, finding just the right pocket square to suit his individual taste is even easier.

Exclusive Reader Offer

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