QÄSA QÄSA: Contemporary Homeware with a Touch of African Flavour!

QÄSA QÄSA offers an eclectic mix of beautiful homeware products that are both modern and traditional with a touch of African flavour! In 2015, company founders Naeema and Aniqah went on a journey of discovery, their mission was to design and source truly unique products for the home that were ethically produced, rich in culture and contributed to improving the lives of the artisans who made them and their families.

Kitenge Napkins QASA QASA

Today QÄSA QÄSA offer an exclusive collection of items including Striking Glass Storage Jars, Handwoven Baskets, Trays and Tablemats, Handcarved Wooden Bowls and Utensils and Hand Loomed Textiles including Napkins, Table Runners, Hand Towels and Throws. Made by highly skilled and creative artisans from Eastern Africa, there is an inspiring story behind each item, which is what makes their products so special. All of them distinctive and one-of-a-kind.

QÄSA QÄSA’s Must Haves

Blantyre Storage JarsBlantyre Storage Jars, £38.00

The Blantyre Storage Jars can be used anywhere around the home and look simply stunning lined up on a kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity unit or bedroom dressing table or adorning a shelf or windowsill. Lovingly recycled from used wine bottles and hand carved mahogany lids in 3 different designs. So pretty and unusual, they could simply be placed anywhere around the home as a decorative piece of glassware.

African Blackwood ScoopAfrican Blackwood Scoop, £12.00-£15.00

Handcrafted in southern Tanzania using a beautiful dark wood with exposed natural grain and a smooth, fine finish, the African Blackwood Scoop is available in 2 sizes, the small size is ideal for use as a condiments spoon and the large as a desert or breakfast spoon, perfect for enjoying a super healthy breakfast. Attention wellness warriors!

Pomegranate Dyed Eri Silk ThrowPomegranate Dyed Eri Silk Throw, £85.00

The Pomegranate Dyed Eri Silk Throw gets it’s unique colour from natural pomegranate husks, made from a silk and cotton blend. Hand loomed in Ethiopia, this beautiful design and neutral colour would compliment any style of interior, perfect doubled over at the foot of a bed or draped over a single chair or arm of a sofa, effortlessly stylish!

Ugwafu Lustre Tray - MediumUgwafu Lustre Trays £30.00-£55.00

Hand woven in Tanzania and made from ugwafu grasses, the Lustre Trays come in 3 sizes, ideal for use as a tea tray, fruit bowl, pretty planter or for storing items such as books, coasters or crockery. So versatile, a great gift for anyone who loves home accessories.

Our Top Picks

White & Black Jacaranda Wood BowlWhite & Black Jacaranda Wood Bowl, £38.00

Beautifully handmade in Rwanda, each Jacaranda wood bowl is completely unique, skilfully finished off with an eye-catching White & Black sweetgrass weave edging, these one-off pieces would make a wonderful house warming gift. Available in 3 sizes and a choice of alternative colour combinations including Black & Taupe and White & Taupe.

Coconut Wood Cake ServerCoconut Wood Cake Server, £35.00

 A stylish and timeless design, the Coconut Wood Cake Server with African blackwood handle is a unique piece of serve ware that would make a wonderful wedding gift that could be used not only on the big day but also enjoyed for years to come.

Ugwafu Lustre TablematsUgwafu Lustre Tablemats, £9.50-£17.50 each

For an elegant table setting, everyday, these highly durable handwoven sweetgrass tablemats are perfect for frequent use and protecting surfaces when dining or entertaining. Use as formal place settings for dinnerware, serving bowls or tableware.

Roha Table RunnerRoha Table Runner, £36.50

The Roha Table Runner looks stunning on a dining room table. Accessorize with a pretty centrepiece like a bowl, vase or floral arrangement. Hosting a dinner party? We love the idea of placing 2 table runners side by side (as pictured) as an alternative to a traditional table cloth. Impeccable table manners!

Colours of the World PlatterColours of the World Platter, £60.00

A carnival of colours, this vibrant dyed sweetgrass platter is a true work of art. A stunning centrepiece for a dining or living room table, this piece commands attention and must be centre stage! Female Rwandan weavers produce each one by hand using traditional weaving techniques. A gorgeous gift that tells a story and is sure to impress!

QÄSA | Floral Candle

Coming soon to QÄSA QÄSA is an exciting bespoke luxury scented candle, The QÄSA | Floral Candle has been developed in collaboration with Earl of East. Hand poured and produced in London by Paul and Niko, with captivating floral scents including organic Ylang Ylang from East Africa, refreshing Bergamot and beautiful Gardenia. Made using essential oils, the candles will be launched September 2016, perfect for creating ambience around the home or as a gift.

To view the full collection and shop online, Visit: qasaqasa.co.uk

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