QÄSA QÄSA Unique Fairtrade Handmade Gifts from East Africa

Looking for something different to surprise your Mum with this Mother’s Day? Or perhaps you are searching for a unique Wedding Gift for a fab couple? Give something truly special with QÄSA QÄSA’s Fairtrade Handmade Gifts from East Africa.

All items are handmade with no two pieces exactly the same, the subtle differences in shades and textures are what makes them one of a kind. Gifts purchased from QÄSA QÄSA will be sent with a card detailing where the product was produced, the craftsmanship involved and full care instructions of how to look after it, a lovely personal touch.

Hanging Flower Basket

Hanging Flower Basket

Handcrafted in Rwanda, this pretty Hanging Flower Basket, made from natural sweetgrass, allows you to bring a touch of the outside in, even if you have limited space. Fill with a trailing potted plant, colourful fresh flowers or, if you prefer, a maintenance-free realistic artificial plant. Profits from the sale of these beautiful hanging baskets goes directly towards funding educational training programs for the women who create them, so your gift will support a wonderful cause, making this the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

Qasa Floral Ylang Ylang Bergamot and Gardenia Scented Candle


The QÄSA | FLORAL Scented Soy Candle base notes include exotic Ylang Ylang essential oils from Madagascar & Comoros Islands, refreshing Bergamot and delicately sweet Gardenia. Perfect for unwinding in the bedroom or have burning in the bathroom whilst taking a long, relaxing soak. A sensual, feminine scent, the perfect treat for Mother’s Day.

Blackwood Porridge Spoon

The Porridge Spoon

The perfect spoon to enjoy your morning bowl of porridge with, the African Blackwood Porridge Spoon is expertly shaped and finished by hand using traditional methods. Made in Tanzania, this unusual and elegant design would make a wonderful gift.

Ugwafu Lustre Circular Serving Tray

Ugwafu Lustre Tray

What could be a better treat this Mother’s Day than breakfast in bed? Made in Tanzania from natural ugwafu grasses, this circular serving tray with handles will make a lovely addition to your home. Available in 3 sizes and with so many potential uses, place on a coffee table or dresser as an organiser, or on a dressing table for storing personal items. Would also make a wonderful housewarming or wedding gift.


Mninga Wood Sugar Scoop

The Mninga Wood Sugar Scoops are made in Tanzania, carved by hand, to create a bowl-like shape and pointed handle. These quirky little spoons are perfectly placed in the tea, coffee and sugar bowls, as well as for serving condiments such as sauces and spices. An ideal gift for anyone who loves cooking or baking.


Mninga Wood Breakfast Set

The Mninga Wood Breakfast Set, consisting of a butter knife and jam spoon, is perfect for serving a traditional cream tea, classic scones with clotted cream and jam. A great Wedding Gift for foodies who appreciate high quality items that are a little different.

QÄSA QÄSA Horn Tumblers

Horn Tumblers

The Horn Tumblers are handmade in Uganda from ethical and sustainable Ankole horn, that would otherwise be discarded. Available in white or black, the Horn Tumblers are beautifully crafted, each one reveals a unique pattern. Perfect for serving spirits, a pair would make a wonderful wedding gift for a couple that enjoys a cheeky evening tipple!

Citrus Burst Handwoven Storage Basket

Citrus Burst Basket

Made in Kenya, the Citrus Burst Basket features a contemporary hand woven design, with beautiful contrasting colours that make it so distinctive and unique. QÄSA QÄSA’s sisal baskets can be used in a variety of different ways and are perfect for use in any room in the home. We love the idea of using one as a decorative plant pot holder, as above.

Produced by hand by a group of female weavers in Kenya, these highly skilled women are so proud of their work that each unique piece gets given their seal of approval. The weavers name is placed inside it so you can see who has produced your basket, a wonderful touch that makes these baskets a truly special gift to receive.

OMO Ethiopian Cotton Hand Towels

OMO Cotton Hand Towels

The hand-spun and hand-dyed OMO Ethiopian Cotton OMO Hand Towels will compliment any bathroom or kitchen. We also like the idea of using them as placemats in the dinning room to create an elegant table setting or in the living room as decorative armrest covers. Available in 6 colours, choose one shade or mix and match.

Zanzibari Gift Storage Pouch

Zanzibari Gift / Storage Pouch

A QÄSA QÄSA top seller, the Zanzibari Gift / Storage Pouches are handmade in Tanzania from Zanzibari caps. These brimless, circular hats called Kofias are worn by the local men and are made from colourful Tanzanian Kitenge print fabric. The pouches could be used as a wash bag for storing makeup and toiletries, as a decorative bowl in a living space for holding potpourri or dried flowers, or in the kitchen for displaying fruit, nuts or bread. Give something unusual and inspiring, a gift with history and meaning, this Mother’s Day.

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  1. Beautiful pictures and products. So much dedication to the production of the product.

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