Rossario George: Meet the Designer Behind the West Coast’s Hottest New Women’s Fashion Label

Rossario George Women's Fashion

Tony Vincente wears many hats as CEO, President, and Designer of one of the most up-and-coming brands in Women’s Fashion, Rossario George. As an emerging designer, Rossario George, the Seattle-based fashion house, is already taking the fashion world by storm, attracting international attention in an industry that is often wary of newcomers.

Rossario George

Recently featured in both the August and September issues of British Vogue (yes, the one that had the whole world buzzing about Rihanna’s barely-there brows), as well as Gladys, Cliche, and GQ, Rossario George offers beautiful collections for women who understand what they want. From figure-hugging bodycon dresses to sumptuous wraps, lethal pumps and bold nail polish colours (part of the beauty line launched in August), the impressive selection for women begs answers to the questions on everyone’s minds, including how the state of Washington is suddenly the ‘it’ place for creative fashion designers. And, of course, the one question that every woman wants to know first is: Where do I get mine?

Rossario George Vida Collections

RG Shoe Collection

The brand new Fall | Winter 2018 RG Shoe Collections are ready now for discerning women. Top picks include the RG “Rebel Yell” Spiked Pump, a pair of lethal stilettos, available in a choice of standout shades including inferno, an angry ombre, perfect for channelling the current unapologetic mood of women everywhere, and the more practical yet equally divine RG Hera Boot, available in a quartet of colours, cognac, black, red, and a go-with-everything navy blue, perfect for the changing seasons. The scrappy-sandal translation of a boot is ingenious, as is the tan leather base that can be dressed up or down according to your mood. And the gorgeous patent leather Hera Heel, which is available with a choice of contrasting straps, can be styled with jeans and a blazer or a playful midi-dress, either way, these sexy sandals are guaranteed to get you noticed.

Hera Heels Rossario George

Avenue 15’s Exclusive Interview with Tony Vincente

We sat down with Tony Vincente shortly after his appearance in the Les Sapeurs Fashion Show at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel in Seattle, Washington, an industry event which was part of this year’s Seattle Fashion Week, for an exclusive interview, diving into his life story so far and learning more about why Rossario George is destined for greatness.

Tony Vincente and his 'Top Model' at the La Saphuers Fashion Show
Tony Vincente with his ‘Top Model’ at the Les Sapeurs Fashion Show, part of the 2018 Seattle Fashion Week

A15: Tell us more about your background. What did you do before starting your own fashion label?

TV: I have always loved beauty. Originally, this love was displayed through painting and interior design. But, (an online marketplace for independent artists) reached out to me last year and asked if I would like to be a designer for them. And, as they say, the rest is history.

A15: So did you ever ‘study’ fashion?

TV: My designs come from a passion for fashion. I literally had no formal training. I have learned that if you are passionate about doing something you love, training isn’t necessary.

I will caution that, if this is the route you are going, be open to learning as much as possible from both victories and mistakes. Never ever let anyone stop you from achieving your dreams.

A15: Tell us more about yourself. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not designing?

TV: I was born and raised in New York City, but currently I reside in Washington State. When I’m not designing, I enjoy cooking, gardening, and spending time with my partner and my two fur babies.

A15: You’ve mentioned your mother and sister online in the past. How did they influence you creatively?

TV: Both of them really enjoyed and appreciated fashion. My mom actually took me to the Versace store in Manhattan when I was younger and that moment never left me. From that point on my love for the fashion industry knew no bounds. My mother and sister have both passed and I truly believe that it is their spirits that have provided me with the wondrous opportunities I’ve had on this path.

A15: What made you finally decide to take the plunge and start your own business?

TV: I’ve been a business owner since 2009. I knew that I wanted to own something before leaving this planet. It’s been an interesting journey being a business owner. It all started with me selling paintings I created, then selling home accessories based on those paintings and finally attracting the attention of Vida to be a designer with them, which was the last step before the birth of Rossario George.

A15: Why women’s fashion and designer shoes?

TV: I feel like you can be more creative with women’s designs. I look up to people like Gianni Versace and Christian Louboutin, both of whom specialise in women’s designs. It’s my goal to follow in their footsteps, eventually becoming a giant in the fashion industry. Creating a men’s line is in the plans, but it needs to happen at the right time.

A15: Where does your inspiration come from for your designs?

TV: I find inspiration in music, emotions, and my environment.

A15: Which is your favourite design from your current collection?

TV: We are days away from launching our Fall/Winter Collections and I have to say that I am proud of every piece coming up. When you see it, you will understand why…

A15: Who do you have in mind when you design for Rossario George?

TV: Rossario George customers are individuals who enjoy luxury, who dare to be bold in life and dress, and who appreciate comfort.

Rossario George Seattle Fashion Week
Rossario George Fashion Model on the runway at the Les Sapeurs Fashion Show

A Conscious Clothing Label of the Future

When we asked about his plans for the future, Tony answered with the somewhat expected response for an up-and-comer in the industry: “Continue to grow and become a brand leader.” But, in the same breath, he revealed a deeper motivation behind Rossario George’s success, one that elevates his vision beyond those typically shared by other powerful men and women in the business. Although Tony could, and we believe will climb to the top of the fashion ladder all on his own, the fact that he wants to use his brand’s success to, in his words, “help make the world a better place” proves that the people he’s eager to dress are more than just a concept – they’re every bit as real as his passion.

To find out more and shop the new collections online, visit:

Rossario George Fashion Label Logo

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